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will19008 Jul 2019
you know that I’m badly drawn
using words and lingerie for clothes
I'm shrapnel herself
a sharing other
a changing Rapunzel
untwisting anything I use
stream me through empty people
by tenfold—and all ablaze back to you
Anthony Mayfield Nov 2018
Once upon a time
The man I trusted lied
Hair clad in blue dye
'Twas the night my soul died
He took my body and ran
Overwhelmed me with his span
Legs and mouth open wide
'Twas the night my soul died
Now it's almost been a year
I thought I'd overcome the fear
Yet when I wake I fear his smile
Getting my soul back will take a while
Some anniversaries aren't meant to be celebrated
b Sep 2018
bodies for my shrapnel
lay limp on the street
like dogs in the summer time.
i will bring my storm to you.
have faith in my punch,
believe it.

but don’t you trust
a survivor.
they wouldnt know
how to leave a city in wake.
they wouldnt know not to
pull the knife out.

i am a hurricane with skin
and i will
rip your house in half
if i have time to catch a glimpse.

you can pack your bags
and flee but
i dont stay gone.
i live on forever,
i dont die easy.
the toll will raise.
i havent had internet for awhile so im posting a few that have been building up
Hannah Jo Apr 2018
Not even all the love in the world could stitch you back together the very same way again. I know that now. I know.
And maybe someday he will see it that way too.
Maybe someday he will see that we are all fighting our own personal battles, and sometimes those battles don't fit well together.
Sometimes our battles put together just create a whole new war.
Sometimes those wars aren't worth putting your boots back on for.
And sometimes it's the hardest thing, taking off your armor and giving up when you've been so used to constant day to day war cries and shrapnel.
To let chaos consume you, to wait for it to pass over, is paralyzing.
But all I know is you are tired, and you are too beautiful and wild to be kept down for long.
All I know is I want you to find your calm after the storm.
Rockie Aug 2015
A bombs gotta explode someone, sweetie
Otherwise it could be dangerous in the wrong hands
Move away before it burns the skin
And kills your organs
Move further,
You don't want to be hit by shrapnel
Even that's dangerous you know?
Nicole Louise May 2015
Each piece wedged in deep,
deep in the soul.
Proposals and births,
deaths and break-ups.

Each explosion causes shrapnel.
Little shards of experiences.
Bad and good,
all in us, making us.

N. Hedges
Poem inspired by a chapter of Carrie Hope Fletcher's book 'All I Know Now'. Please comment any improvements.
JadedSoul Oct 2014
The trouble in life,
the trouble in love,
isn't always that you're the **** -

you're the innocent bystander
that gets injured
when the chaos in the lives of others finally explodes
and you're injured by the shrapnel!

sometimes mortally,
sometimes bad enough
to carve gashes in your soul

— The End —