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JadedSoul Feb 2015
The alarm clock rings
slowly I come to,
I open my eyes
and get a sickening realisation;

Oh **** it, I'm still alive

I've had enough
I've eaten my fill
"Waiter, check please"
It's not about being depressed even. Or a lack of loving life. I've just had enough of the same **** on the buffet.
JadedSoul Dec 2014
I'm pathetic.
Craving love,
craving intimacy.

16 years of marriage,
I should know better

Come, codeine my love,
Take away these desires...
JadedSoul Nov 2014
My Indian friend thinks I'm a guru -
He deems wise,
my rhetorical musings

But they're just the result of a jaded heart
that's been studying humans too long

Truth is, if I were a Guru
and people trekked up a mountain
to sit at my feet and learn,
my honest answer would be;
I do not know!
JadedSoul Oct 2014
I thought life was a feast
a banquet to sit at and enjoy
but the variety was so small
the feast - fast food instead

I've had my fill
don't want to upset the Host
so I nibble on
But I've had my fill...
JadedSoul Oct 2014
Two people on a bridge;
one looks downstream
the other upstream
Two people, one bridge
two different perspectives;

One sees the water gone past,
laments for its loss
The other sees the water coming
and rejoices at the opportunity

In life, you can lament what's past
and miss the good that's coming
Or you can turn the other way
and seize the moment -
Depends if you choose
to look upstream or downstream...
We so often cry over what we lost, stare down that river of lost, forgotten dreams, that we fail to grasp the wonder of that which is still to come
JadedSoul Oct 2014
The true horror
is that I'll never see him again-
my dad, my father

18 years on and I still weep,
weep like a lost little boy
that will never see his daddy again,
feel his strong arms' embrace,
see him help the weak,
or be in his presence

Weeping, like a lost little boy...
My dad died when I was 18. I never thought that 18 years on, I'd still be crying myself to sleep
JadedSoul Oct 2014
You don't always need a gun to ****,
sometimes a cold shoulder does
You don't always need a knife to cut deep
sometimes a cold shoulder does

That cold shoulder has cut me deep
it's killed my soul
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