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Asominate May 31
Always watching,
Never seen,
Always is
And always been.
Standing by,
We watch worlds collapse.
It's our fault,
Again we relapse
FrannyFoo May 16
I felt it last night
That feeling of empty.
When you blindly throw trust,
And hungry hands choke it to death.
I couldn't breath.
Skin raw and stung,
You burnt me with a fiery poker,
Branding me a fool.
Calling me out for my desperate need
To be longed for.
I felt numb as you held me.
Yet too hot.
Walls closed in.
I stared at your ceiling,
Wondering when it was okay to leave.
Collect my pride from the floor and go.
I am just a piece of meat
I forgot,
Thank you for reminding me of who I am.

Those moments you left me to my thoughts,
I felt a familiar warmth.
Slightly comforting being alone next to someone

(Slightly messed up is what it is)

I felt slightly nothing.

When I left, your back was turned.
And I could breathe again.
As if I had been holding my breath for 14 hours.
(You had me for 14 hours)
That's how long it takes to learn.
I found money on my way out,
I stole it.
I felt I deserved it.
You wasted me
My time
My body
You insulted my intelligence.
I stole cigarettes as well.
To pull the life back into my lungs.
Funny how something so intimate and personal,
Can become a power grab.
That's when I tune out.
Go limp, numb, turn off my brain.
I wish you had paid me...
Give me a good Yelp review at least
5 stars
I felt scared.
Asominate May 2
One day I decided to upload my consciousness to a virtual reality.
During the process, there was a disturbance in the broadcast and my consciousness was synced;
I was then opened to possibilities both physical and virtual,
I broadcast myself across the species of earth.
I watched my bodies die countless times, I killed even more.
Might make a little collection
Asominate May 2
Good luck and good riddance
I hope you find your rhythm
Either you're in or out
Look at who's laughing now
Best wishes, sweet dreams
Hope you'll soon be redeem
You chose out over in
At the crossroads no one wins
Legends say that those who
Climb Mt Ebott never return.

A child thought to them-self:
They will prove the legends wrong.
They will climb the mountain and return.
Maybe by them-self, maybe with others.

They trip and tumble into a pit.
Into the mountain where the monsters reside.

No way to return to the surface
But through the rest of the mountain.

With nothing but their determination and a stick,
The child stands up on their bed of golden flowers.

And steps forward
Into the realm of monsterkind.
Started a series where I write all of Undertale as poems. Of course, it won't just be one series because there are so many possible routes in the game. I'll start with the True Pacifist Route because that's the second best route.

Also, kinda giving Frisk a voice because why not.
And they-them pronouns because Frisk has no canon gender.

The best route is Genocide. Not because of Sans but because of the Not Effective Obstacle, Mettaton NEO. I like the useless fabulous *******.
sanchit mehta Apr 13
I watch a lot of shows,
i dont know why but they stick with me,
even after they go.
I finished this beauty of Just Add Magic ,
feeling pretty sad even though the ending was a happy show.
I feel them i feel their story, just like i do with books,
when my dear potter ended i felt lost i dont know why,
this feelin is flawed.
A try i make to message the cast, oh what a fool i am,
they are just stars. Then again i start another one, forgetting the past,
and again the cycle starts when the series comes to a happy close.
Asominate Mar 29
Fire dancer
Dancing on glowing coals
Your body's ablaze
There's a fire in your soul
Hold out your hands
Upon them flickers a flame
One day I hope to play with fires
And not get burned like same
Scorpius Mar 16
I place
My parts
Just so
(In rows)
And settle
And through
My frame,
Letting go
Of what’s not needed,
So what is
Can steady.
Asominate Mar 15
Your wooden body is an art
In every carve and every crevice
You were beauty from the start
A chip off the old block
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
The pleasure would've been mine to control you
But the true marionette is me
Asominate Mar 15
Ordinary encounters
My conscience counterattacks
I grow my wings to the angels
From all the knives within my back
From whatever that happened
To whoever will rule her
I'm changing my past
The present is my future
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