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Tyler Harper Feb 26
O, facing fate.
O, without grace.
With the woes, sewer grate.
Post rain seeps, all misses my face,
Cold steel on cheek, sets my sate.

But enough rain comes,
Past sewer's sum,
The tradegy shall come
And come and come.

Sweep me  
With a mighty typhoon,
Neptune's Lampoon.
Until my fingers,
get a fine prune
Shame Oct 2018
Is there any wonder
why you're niche?
You speak of specifics,
in a world dumbfounded
by careful detail.
What the ****'s the point of this?
Its creator better explain it to me,
if they want my sweet green sheets
of superfluous pillow stuffing.
Is there any wonder
why you're niche?
You speak of specifics,
and America speaks with money,
"Give me Very Easy, as
at the end of the day
I just want to wind down
my thoughts, and turn off my brain."
You're alone,
because you go,
"Hit me with that good ****!
I wanna think and speak
tongues with a loved one,
til we both change into eggs."

This is my song:
Where are my loves?
I thought misery
loved company.
K Balachandran Jul 2018
Like **** on sewer,
Dark news floats on the page;
Sick, nauseating!
Temporal Fugue Dec 2017
Down in the sewers
Down in the sewers

People put me down 'cause
That's the place in mind, that I live in
I love dirt, it loves me, I'm as happy as I'll ever be
Lord have mercy on a man from down in the sewers

Every moment my mind goes there, slippin, slidin, everywhere
I'd love someday to take you there, a **** sultry love affair
But I know, you won't dare
Getting something, in your hair

I'll just have to wait you out
Maybe someday, you'll *** about
And you'll see, we'll both be

Down in the sewers
Down in the sewers

Lordy, how imagination steams
Down in the sewers
Yup, all the time ;D
Vexren4000 Dec 2017
stretching beneath the city,
Snaking through lands dotted by skyscrapers,
Twisting roads, and railroad tracks,
Residential homes,
Feeding the underground complex,
A world hidden away,
From the sight and olfactory senses,
Of man above.


— The End —