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SwanMansWoMan Oct 2021
I thought I knew love
I thought I understood it

But there are twists and turns
Unexpected loopholes

Like loving someone who society shuns
Who they deem as ****

But I suppose his past is what makes me love him even deeper
SwanMansWoMan Oct 2021
Death, it knocks,
Begging me home

So sweetly does it whisper,
Come, come...

So sweetly does it whisper,
You can end this sorrow...

So sweetly does it whisper,
Home, home...  

The question remains,
Do I answer?
Do I answer?
SwanMansWoMan Jul 2020
I have a lot of love.
Different kinds of love.
I have love for family.
I have love for friends.
I have love for strangers.
And then I have love for people like you.
People who steal my heart strings and break them...but that love always remains no matter the damage that’s done.
So please, always remember there is a stupid biologist out there who does love you...with a very special love.

A very, very special kind of love
To Gillette guy
SwanMansWoMan Apr 2020
I want to be enough
For someone
But I’m not
And never will be

I want to feel again
For someone
But I don’t
And likely never will

I want to have him
But I can’t
Because he is done
With me
Because I am not enough
Sometimes, my heart is heavy because I know deep down I am not enough.
SwanMansWoMan Apr 2020
My heart is heavy and it hurts
I don’t understand where I go wrong
One after the other
All the same
Starts out so strong,
But as days go on,
Words and conversations lack
Till nothing...
But an empty shell of a connection remains
My heart is heavy and it hurts
I think I’m giving up.
SwanMansWoMan Apr 2020
Some days I feel like a failure
One day I hope I’m successful

Some days I feel like pile of ****
One day I hope I feel amazing

Some days I feel like a train wreck
One day I hope to be okay

Some days I feel like I’m ugly
One day I hope I won’t care

Some days I feel like I’m too much
One day I hope I’ll be enough
SwanMansWoMan Mar 2020
I wish you the best
I know I'm hard to digest
I feel pain in my chest
Because your feelings weren't expressed

I thought you felt the same
Turns out it was a game
I am so ashamed
I feel much pain

I let this go on for far too long
I am trying to be strong
Everything turned out so wrong
But I know I can move on
Moving on from something you never realized wasn't real is so hard.
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