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Martin May 2020
I'm so sad,
Staring at this blank canvas
Reminisce about what I had.
Did I really choose this life
Of abuse and drugs.
**** i really thought i knew it.
How to balance my social
And private life, but they the ones I'm *******.
Oh man
What ever happened?
To that little kid with big dream of playing professional with his favorite team.
It was just a dream.
This harsh reality done brought me to realization on how I have to live this life.
Please I cant do it.
My minds ****** up ever since my grandma died.
******* cancer!!
You've taken too many lives.
And we still cant even cure it?
Like wow.
Where have I dontated all my money to?
Oh that's right.
It's in the pockets of the wealthy who in on top of the food chain, while there's so many of of us starving.
What a scam.
If I ever make some money I'll sure to go back to where I came from.
Make sure people are eating my community breathing and that were all happy now.
This is that jam that will get you outta that slump, get you over huge ****.

I'm telling you, your life is worth living
Martin Apr 2020
I just want to stare at the stars.
For hours and hours.
But I live in a place where there are more white lights than dark skies.
I've always wondered what is beyond the stars.
I just wished the whole place would be dark.
Just for moment let's not pollute the skies.
Just for a second look up at the sky.
What do you see?
What do you feel?
I see the universe
I feel that this is not my reality, but a dream and when I wake up I'll be among the many stars in the sky.....
Martin Apr 2020
One day you'll realise what I did for you, what I've done for you, what I went thru. Just to make you happy.
But when you do it might be too late for me to forgive you, but we both know I love you and will take you back just to be hurt all over again.
I dont see what other see. I have tunnel vision when it comes to you.
I dont believe in love but when I met you all that changed.
Please forgive me if I've ever done anything wrong or will do in the future.
I know we wont last but give me a chance to prove I've changed for the better.
Only death has gotten between me and you. I've ended my life just to stop thinking of you.
Martin Apr 2020
What is this feeling I get when your name come out on my notification?
My stomach hurts but not in a bad way, it hurts in a way that makes me happy and nervous at the same time.
Can you help me out with what I'm feeling? Is this what you call having a crush or is it love.
I never believed in love.
But are you changing my mind on the utter fact that love does exist?
Martin Apr 2020
We live in a society where the truth is an insult.
And lies are what were raised on.
Never understanding the true meaning of things.
But only learning from what being feed.
Looking up to puppets the puppeteers bring.
Wanting to do the same thing.
Now a days kids only wana do certain things.
Like play games and make them **** videos.
What ever happened to the I wana be the president.
Oh yea thats lame, you'll never make it kid.
All these lives lost over someone not thinking straight.
All the mass shooting by white folk but it's the Mexicans and blacks they blame.
Let's build a wall about this tall.
Keep the infections and the diseases away.
The most infectious diseases is the one on the screen.
This is how theyre feeding it to the public thinking that they know everything.

— The End —