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Akvpoems Jun 2020
It's easy to be a boss.
It's hard to be a leader.

It's easy to toss around instructions to someone telling him/her WHAT to do.

It's hard to explain to someone WHY it needs to be done. Sadly, the 'WHY' convinces people more than the 'WHAT' whenever you need them to cooperate.
We get better results from people who act the way they do because they know their 'WHY' than people who act the way they do because they know only the 'WHAT'.
Akvpoems Jun 2020
Money, in reality, is useless.
It can't comfort me when I'm sick.
It can't talk with me when I need someone to talk to.
It can't congratulate me when I achieve something.
It can't cook me food when I'm hungry nor pour a glass of water when I'm thirsty.

It can be used to buy me medicine when I'm sick.
It can be used to  pay a phone call to my friend or it can be used to pay a visit to my parents' house when I need someone to talk to.
It can be used to buy the things I need or want to host a celebration party with my family and friends when I achieve something.
It can be used to buy food when I'm hungry and buy water when I'm thirsy.

I realize that money is, in fact, useless but becomes useful only when it serves a purpose.
#Money #Purpose #Learning
Akvpoems Mar 2020
Often we ask, 'what it takes to be successful?' but few ask, 'what it takes to face failure?'. This is what I've learned from what I read in a book--failure is not the actual opposite of success--it's 'quitting'. Once we quit, it's the end of the possible success awaiting us. Failures allow us to see where we've gone wrong and allow us to think how we can avoid them. So, I've realized failures aren't really bad at all. They're just lessons I need to learn. So if ever I commit the same mistake again, I know it's a lesson I only failed to learn.
#life #fail #try #success
Akvpoems Mar 2020

🌹.                  ❣️
💘.                    💓
💓.              ❣️
♥️.                 💘
❤️.                    🥀ED
Akvpoems Feb 2020
What am I to write about
At this time, I could only think about
Nothing more and nothing less
About you who fill me with zest
Akvpoems Feb 2020
When I'm ahead of time, I wait for it.
But when I'm chasing time, it doesn't wait for me. How unfair time is! Now I know why time is gold.
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