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Lloyd Elipokea Oct 2020
Building – an interesting undertaking.
Breathtaking architectural creations like the Sydney Opera House or the enduringly magical Taj Mahal don’t just happen at the snap of one’s fingers.
Such wonders are meticulously wrought brick by brick, chunk by chunk and rung by rung until their glorious completed form.
Exhilarating and meaningful romantic entanglements don’t just happen on that oft first fumbling and awkward first date.
If there are sparks, these will need time and maturity to fly in full riotous glory.
Yes, building – an interesting, ages-old undertaking.

The END.
Lloyd Elipokea Sep 2020
As the fury rages and the bitterness begins to bite, remember there is a season for everything.
A season to cultivate dreams and a season when all hopes are cruelly dashed.
A season when fear reigns supreme and a season when grace supersedes every fear, every doubt, every hurt and every ember of fury still lurking within.
So, friend, don’t shrink back in fright at the dying light.
Time will surely come when you’ll be bathed in the all-enveloping and tenderly radiant glow of hope, freedom and renewal.

Lloyd Elipokea Aug 2020
The voice of the people IS the voice of justice.
When dastardly injustice is committed against the body politic of the state, the people survey the wreckage in the aftermath and then that miracle of social rejuvenation takes place: their righteous rage rises.
From that critical point on, in all manner of ways and means, they, the people, will bring those culpable for the grievous wound to account.
They, the people, will gather, protest, and organize in furious and wholehearted labors just so that those responsible pay dearly.
Salute the people, then: the true call to justice.

Lloyd Elipokea Jun 2020
When you experience fiery suffering and it seems like you have been ruthlessly flung into a seemingly bottomless darkly tormenting abyss, take a moment to pause and reset your roiling emotions.
Imagine an uncommonly peaceful lake with lush green grass on either bank of it.
Picture a towering and majestic mountain set against a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of a gorgeously orange-golden sunset.
What an exquisitely and wondrously splendid sight, right?
Now, tenderly pack-up this beautiful sight and store it into one of the inner compartments of your mind.
Retrieve it whenever the gates of hell have been flung wide-open to visit such calamitous suffering upon your life.

The End.
Lloyd Elipokea May 2020
Life is like an elevator.
Sometimes, we soar upwards to undreamed of heady heights.
While at other distinctly cheerless moments, we plunge downwards to plumb unenviable, new depths of sorrow, misfortune and woe.
So have no fear when you are inhabiting the valleys of your life's journey.
For sooner rather than later, you will be able to mend your severed wings and boldly take flight again with supreme self-assuredness.

The End
Lloyd Elipokea May 2020
In my darkest despair, you were the lone lamp of hope.
At the peak of my greatest triumphs, you were the one whom I most wanted to be proud of me.
Mere words cannot accurately describe just how much you have infinitely blessed my life since the genesis of my journey on this earth.
At various twists and turns, you have been my mentor, inspiration, close confidante, accomplice and steadfast defender among other numberless hats which you have donned through the years.
So, on this most auspicious and special of days for all mothers everywhere here’s toasting a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’, to you dearest mom.

The End.
  Apr 2020 Lloyd Elipokea
And over time,
My pen stopped bleeding
But my heart didn't
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