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She was drowning but nobody saw her struggle.
Why would they? She wouldn't let anyone see.
She built her walls to heaven and beyond
placing indestructible bricks so none could break through.

Not even God could peer through the roof she had constructed
She had forced herself a slave in a prison she made
Why should she burden others with the torment she deserves
ForeverAndAlways Oct 2018
It's been ten years yet you still linger
in every dark corner that my mind beholds
I wish I could be rid of you, of the scars that you left
I wish I could be rid of you, the nightmares that haunt me

It still feels like yesterday, your hand covering my mouth
I couldn't scream for help. Why did I ever trust you?
My wrists were bruised you held me that tight
I  couldn't escape what you had planned to do

I was only eight, man, who could do that
to someone who was the same age as their sister?
You were like my brother. We grew up together
One day we were family, the next... you were my demon.

I kept my mouth shut, we lived next to each other
It'd be so much easier to pretend that everything was normal
That one time was the only time
you had left me alone, or so I thought

You see your sister, she was like my sister
she was my life, we played all day
So each day I came back to the house
the house with the demon that took my innocence

I was starting to believe I was safe again. I mean,
three years had past. We had become a family again
We played the wii and climbed trees together.
Everything was okay..until it wasn't

It happened again, and again, and again
Oh, I wished I never had trusted you
What did I do that made you do this
Surely this was my fault, right? I couldn't make you stop.
ForeverAndAlways Sep 2018
You nibble on her neck
as your fingers follow the trail
of the curves of her body,
every inch of it craving you.

She had a weakness
for your hand on her throat,
your words in her heart
and your mouth on her lips.

None of which
she had the willpower
to refuse to you.

All your wishes,
her commands.
Everything you are,
her body craves.

Your souls dance to a song
of moans and lust.
Your bodies followed
with unimaginable infatuation.

You said.
She replied.
ForeverAndAlways Jul 2018
A war.

Things once sacred,
Lost their meaning.
ForeverAndAlways Jul 2018
"I'm okay."
I say
to the reflection
in the mirror
nothing but the shell
of a person
no longer surviving
no longer living.

"I'm okay."
I repeat this again,
and again.
But each time
I say it
the sincerity
of those words
ForeverAndAlways Jul 2018
People are so dependant on social media.
It's kinda sad really.
They no longer communicate truely face-to-face.
But why should they?
In real life you have to be raw, make mistakes, experience pain...
while in their virtual worlds,
they can manipulate the perception in which others see.
On social media they could appear to be the most content person,
but in reality,
they use razors as a paint brush, their wrists the canvas.
Don't get me wrong,
people can easily hide behind masks and pretend to be okay,
but the isolation, the desolation,
that technology induces creates a cage around us.
Only, this cage is invisible.
We are not aware that we have become encaged,
until, the emptiness creeps up.
You feel as if you are completely alone in this world.
You look up and the the only thing you see is the light
that is produced by the screen of technology.
So instead of seeking help from those around you,
you glance back down at your screen,
searching for even a glimpse of validation,
something showing that you are doing something, anything right.
Just like a rope, the notifications you see pull you back in.
You have become so addicted to seeing how many people
have brought the perfectly constructed lie.
But the question is:
Can you find the truth,
or is it too far buried?
Just a few thoughts I've had...
ForeverAndAlways Jun 2018
I just want to disappear.
Become non existent
to a world that already
considers me to be invisible.

I just want to fall asleep.
A sleep that will take me
to a world of peace and rest
and allow me to never return here.

I just want to be something.
But it is hard to be someone
when even my own mind
reminds me that I'm nothing.

I just want to stop feeling
that I am a rock
in a world that only cherishes
those who are perfectly carved diamonds.
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