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Adonis Yerasimou Oct 2020
He was just a simple man
Who was trying to find his place in the world
In times where everybody felt
That they didn't belong here
A four line, one stanza poem, that represents my desire and somewhat my longing for the last few years of my life.
Adonis Yerasimou Sep 2020
"Love is a treacherous land".
Something that came out from my life experience.
Adonis Yerasimou Jul 2020
Hurting was never so bad
Love never meant to be that hard
I can’t stand seeing you anymore
Forget you I must forevermore

It’s gon be so hard but I will
Erase you from my soul that’s ill
And if I fail and you’re on top
My very heartbeat I shall stop.

And dead I ‘ll lay down on the floor
As death has never felt so sure
And you alone shall roam the earth
Not saddened by my own death

There will  be no happy end
No heart that’s ever gonna mend
Our love will be a lonely star
Shining above you from afar.
Adonis Yerasimou May 2020
I've watched you countless nights and days.
Don't know your name but seen your face.
I've seen you cry and smile and laugh.
You are the One, my better half.

I know your likes your shoulds and wants.
Your musts, your wonts, your oughts and donts.
Your dreams and fears, your tears and hopes.
Your ups and downs, your slippy slopes.

I've heard you breathe, choke up and sigh.
Listed the things that make you cry.
I've watched you work, and rest and sleep.
I've felt your pain like bones deep.

To you I 'm not a that or this.
I won't be a thing you'll ever miss.
A mystery only is what I am.
For you I'm none I'm just a ****.
Put some effort into making it creepy. ;) (hehehe)
Adonis Yerasimou May 2020
There is no reason anymore,
for us to be together.
I count my footsteps till the door,
my neck feels strangled by a tether

It’s getting difficult to breathe,
my vision blurs all of a sudden,
I get so anxious bite my teeth,
I feel as though I’m in the oven.

You stay still and just surrender,
as I fall and hurt myself.
Feeling as if I’m the offender,
how can you just forgive yourself?

You told me lies you’ve set up plots,
Scenarios movies dramas and films.
You’ve tied my heart in endless knots,
you’ve stitched my wounds with endless quilts.

It will be so hard to forgive you,
but I will give it my biggest shot.
Won’t even try to just deceive you,
this is the lesson that you’ll be taught.
Finally after a long time give and take, something that rhymes!! Hehe xD
Adonis Yerasimou Apr 2020
-So what do you feel?

I just can’t get rid of this feeling lodged so deep inside of me, which tells me that:
“I need to be seen as someone in front of people’s eyes”
It’s unfathomable. It’s too difficult. It’s beyond me.
Like a black cloud it’s hovering on top of me.

-What are your thoughts right now?

Time is ticking away and all I seem to realize is that,
“Life is getting harder than what I have ever previously thought”.
You have to decide right now, whichever way you need to go.

-And, what are your options?

You either choose to stop whining, quit complaining,
Sit your *** down and get to work in order to,
Achieve your dreams, improve yourself, and actualize your potential
And fulfill your destiny or,


You get comfortable with who you are, what you have,
What you do and where you are and that’s it.
It’s your choice to make.

-Exactly. Thank you very much. That’ll do for today.
Like a therapy session.
Adonis Yerasimou Apr 2020
They said that sensitive people are kind of softy, messed up and weak.
And the world unfortunately has bought into it.
People think it’s somehow much cooler to be insensitive.
So society pushed thoughtful and sentimental individuals to the side.

They labeled us abnormal, crazy, and autistic and neurotics.
Look! They’re even pointing us with their fingers saying:
“Look at them! They give too much attention to the thoughts, feelings, self-talk and psychological impressions and ideas.”
Said the narcissist who checks their Facebook 24/7 for likes and comments on their profile photo.

It’s time like these where I lose my faith on people and God and even existence itself!
Everything seems meaningless, pointless, exhausting. I have to drag my body every day to work even!
It’s times like these where I don’t know what to really say or do.
And in moments like this one my intuition takes over and I begin to fashion narratives to mask my mind’s incomprehensible agony, pain and torture.

Though what’s different is that at nights my body sleeps safe and sound.
But my conscience awakens from the dark and punishes me for my mistakes. Mistakes that I haven’t spoken of yet.
It’s weird to be a human subject. To exist. It is the strangest mystery of all.
To live. To love. To ache. To eat. To speak. To cry. To think. Human life is a miracle! Life itself is freaking miracle man.
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