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Lainey Dec 2019
Give me a sign
So you can be mine
And then we can see
What it’s like to be “we”.
Skye Carpenter Apr 2018
Your fingertips run along every inch of my skin,
evoking a kind of fiery passion from within;
close enough to feel the warmth of your breath and hear the sound of your gasp,
as our bodies entwine in desire and I am held within your grasp.
Skye Carpenter Mar 2018
I crave you as though you’re a drug I’m addicted to,
and when I get a fix, adrenaline pumps through my veins, like it’s long overdue;
you intoxicate my soul to new levels every time you are around me,
the fierce love and fiery fervour you emanate sets me free.
Skye Carpenter Mar 2018
We lay down on the grass, with one another we’re entwined
and my eyes look up at the midnight skies to where the stars are aligned;
but you only have eyes for me, and say the brightest stars are to be found in my eyes,
and the most beautiful constellations run through my veins rather than through the sky.

— The End —