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Mariana Nolasco Apr 2019
Like a flower in the dawn of winter

I will blossom.




Tomorrow spring dew will caress the stem that holds me upright  

But tonight          

  I rise.                .
Krysta May 2018
I wanted numb
I wanted to be a certain thing
I wanted to release myself to the wave of the world
I wanted to be taken away and washed on shore

But I don't want to feel nothing
I can that feel with the rawest sting
The burn of life pulses through my bones and prickles at my skin

You can pour water on me to put me out,
I will sizzle and smoke and rise higher and more fiercely
Laughing as I look you in the eye.

I used to think with my eyes downcast even when closed.
Behind a wall, shielding me,
protecting me from having to follow my dreams

Of the boredom that comes with passionately saying, ‘this is what I love!’
Because, how tedious is it to commit to your dreams?
How boring to practice and practice and practice and practice.

Just saying the word,  practice feels like practice for something.
Practice, Practice, Practice

It’s uncomfortable
It is off-putting
Too many words, and the flow is all of.

It’s. Not. The. Right. Rhythm.
esmegnsiht osklo gnorw.

So, I’d rather go numbly through life
biding my life by
till someone does it for me?

No one is going to tell me who I am.
No one is going to know my thoughts,
or hear my voice,

Unless or until I open my mouth and tell them.
Every thought I think is a statement
So every move I make must matter.

My voice is my strength and my gift
It should be weird that people don’t know that about me.
I am not the timid voice with roaring inner thoughts kept to myself.

How can other people know me for how I know me
if I don’t tell them who I am.

So here it goes.
This is who I am.
This is what  I will fight for.

The discovery of self.
The belief in self.

The belief in my dreams.
The discovery of my dreams.
Ooops this one's long
нαℓeყ Dec 2016
The world is an illusion, we're born alone, we die alone. Everything in the middle is all up to you. Time is timeless, and we're all thoughtless, living in our heads, hiding behind the very thing that narrates our lives, ourselves.

Everyone is so different and unique. Each of us with a different purpose and future. In order to fulfill that role in life, we need to find our worth. What makes you wake up everyday and keep going? What do you love and why? Every single person reading this is worth so much more than you think. The world is never going to get better if we don't wake up and realize that the only thing keeping us from making each day worth it is ourselves.

Words are meaningless without people, guns are harmless without our touch. We are our own worst enemies. But you can change that. You can be the reason someone gets up everyday and keeps going, you can be the one to change society and make the standards we hold a little less impossible to reach. It's all up to you as to whether or not you make that change. We're all capable of the unthinkable. We just have to try.
Ili Norizan Jul 2016
It takes patience to be kind,
For the world is cruel my dear,
And you've got to take your time,
Chances come, go, they're forever;

But when things boil over,
I hope you'll know that it's alright,
The end is not that far, not close either,
You just have to go on and fight;

Sure people will break your heart,
Stay strong for yourself don't fall apart,
For you're made to survive this life and the next,
You're a warrior, a goddess, your mother's daughter;

Don't let the others talk you down,
Make you doubt yourself and your crown,
For this life is yours to rule and own,
A cavalry at your disposal to claim the throne.

Klara Sep 2014
Er is geen enkele reden om kwaad te zijn op jezelf voor wie je bent of wat je doet. Er zijn meerdere oorzaken en gebeurtenissen die je vormden naar de persoon die je nu bent. Geen enkele van die hele lijst bevat jezelf.

— The End —