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Klara  Sep 2014
Klara Sep 2014
Er is geen enkele reden om kwaad te zijn op jezelf voor wie je bent of wat je doet. Er zijn meerdere oorzaken en gebeurtenissen die je vormden naar de persoon die je nu bent. Geen enkele van die hele lijst bevat jezelf.
Sirenes  Jun 2015
Sirenes Jun 2015
Towards the end of the internship
I was nervous and under pressure
I didn't get the job in the end
I wondered if all the good things
The things you said about me
The 85% on my final evalutation
The two 90's and an 80%
Were all a lie
Was I untalented?
Did I do or say something?

You are serious as I greet you
With an open heart
And watched yours close before me
The smiles, hugs and handshakes
From others
"Those were good times,
Call me sometime" she said

Your wife turned her back to me...

Exited and with feeling
I assisted the technichian
Just for a few minutes, happy
I still got it, all of it

"There's only one reason you weren't hired; his wife is afraid of you"

At loss for words I listen to you
Give me a peptalk
So you do believe in me
Enough to give me tools
To become your worst enemy
And you know I'm ruthless in business
Surely otherwise you would not
Tell me to apply with a competing firm

The smell of guilt in the afternoon.
***** you are so busted.  Just might give you reason to be afraid.

— The End —