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Mariana Nolasco Apr 2019
Like a flower in the dawn of winter

I will blossom.




Tomorrow spring dew will caress the stem that holds me upright  

But tonight          

  I rise.                .
Mariana Nolasco Apr 2019
became simpler

the more I stared

into the ardor

of his gaze.

                            God bless

the strings that entangled

our hands into holding.

May they last

Save yourself
Then come for me.
Mariana Nolasco Aug 2016
She buried herself on my chest
Through tired, foggy eyes,  stared into mine
Reading my expression effortlessly
Pure terror.

They said it was her kidneys, that, tired and tattered, could no longer keep up.

I kissed the crown of her head and brushed her cheeks softly.

Sharp pain ran through her tiny body and exited her mouth in a howl.
Call the doctor.

Just like that it was over.  
Never to be seen again.

I am not one to pray.  But now I'm shouting at the heavens



*She's  just a child
This is for you.  Just yesterday, you went away.  I wish I could give you a better poem but Im not a great writer.  I'm sorry,  I'm losing my mind. I love you so much.  And I will never stop loving you and when my time comes, I hope to see you waiting for me, so we can be reunited.  Never to be separated again.
Mariana Nolasco Aug 2016
Have you ever felt so deeply,
     it ripped you  *o p e n ?
Mariana Nolasco May 2016
I'd trade a couple decades off of my life if that meant 20 extra years with my dog
Mariana Nolasco May 2016
It's at night that I miss you

                                                    ­  *every night
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