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LizO Jul 2019
I’ll be your safety net
for the climb you have

Forge your way,
you precious soul,
and search
for your joy with gusto.
LizO Jul 2019
My heart still beats,
My body still breathes,
And the earth still travels
LizO Mar 2019
Live with your demons,
they’re often here to stay.

Let them have their say,
but never own it.
LizO Mar 2019
I know what it’s like;
To break a heart.
To have no malice,
Yet still tear one apart.

It took a while to see
That you weren’t for me,
But you wouldn’t set me free,
So I did it;
For self-preservation.
LizO Mar 2019
Second time around,
because graceful didn’t cut it.

Time to smash the whole bottle
against the wall.
LizO Mar 2019
And so I learned to hide.
My camouflage protecting me
from pain,
but keeping both the freaks
and the norms at bay.
LizO Mar 2019
Underneath the noise,
a place of peace
and disorientation.
No toys to cling to
or identify us.
A reality of nothing;
not even words to
define the emptiness.
Feeling relief from
the lack of badness,
but rallying against
the lack of goodness.
Who’d have thought
just being would
be so hard.
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