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Kellin Sep 2018
i can’t tell if i’m
broken or not.
am i okay?
is thinking of ending myself
just a reflex
as this point?
a coping mechanism
that fills the space
that the absence of sadness
leaves blank.
do i want to die,
or do i simply
want to sleep?
am i just tired?
did i finally crack and spill over?
am i empty now?
Lizzie Apr 2018
Thoughts racing, heart chasing.
You're mad, I'm sad.
Can't stop shaking, there's no faking
When I see you in the halls,
I stall, hide behind a pillar, a friend, anything
Just to avoid the awkward eye contact.
I'm not good at confrontations, at the mere thought of it I flee..
You might think I'm crazy or immature,
But when you told me to stop talking to you my mind went a blur..
My friends say you're overreacting, over something so small.
I fear you'll dump me, leaving me lonely..
I'm so sorry.. Please forgive me?
Happy 18th Birthday, I love you S.L.
I think of you more
And yet you think of me less
I've messed this up now.
Dolores L Day May 2014
My body is unhappy because
I ate a packet of energy Goo before I took a nap.

My mind is unhappy because
because now I don't know what you think of me.

I'm never eating that **** during a non-sports season ever again...

Why did I say that?
Is this considered poetry? It's been a tough day.

— The End —