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Lizzie Apr 2018
Thoughts racing, heart chasing.
You're mad, I'm sad.
Can't stop shaking, there's no faking
When I see you in the halls,
I stall, hide behind a pillar, a friend, anything
Just to avoid the awkward eye contact.
I'm not good at confrontations, at the mere thought of it I flee..
You might think I'm crazy or immature,
But when you told me to stop talking to you my mind went a blur..
My friends say you're overreacting, over something so small.
I fear you'll dump me, leaving me lonely..
I'm so sorry.. Please forgive me?
Happy 18th Birthday, I love you S.L.
Madalyn Jan 2018
You stir through the room,
as if breathing was subconscious.
Your breath never wavers.

I'm acquainted with my breathing,
It's almost never instinctive.
It flickers.

we breathe the same air,
But yours is nimble.
And mine is undexterous.

My air is stagnant,
Breaths are fatiguing.

You seem to rest on water,
Your movments are graceful.

I struggle to breathe,
but our realities are different.
You'd never notice,
That I'm drowning.

— The End —