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Hera Apr 2021
Come to me,
I promise you
to only feel
Where do I find someone exactly like in my poem? :')
Hera Mar 2021
You were my anchor.
I even held hands with you by the shore.
Just everything about you, I was so sure.
I waited for you long enough;
Long enough to be longed every single day,
I was in dismay.
I decided to wait you until May.
However, I just couldn't stay.
How can I?
Remember how you killed me that day?
Hera Mar 2021
I'm in a hurry.
Can I move slowly?
How can you tell me that?
I'm stuck.
They're gone.
And I'm so done.
I looked at you.
And out of the blue,
You asked me;
"Want to be free? Press the button later."
It was a bomb.
How can I be so dumb?
Hera Mar 2021
I may look like a wretch,
But I can do sketch,
Want me to come by,
and make your life outstretched?

Don't worry, I don't bite.
I love people who are fond of aplite.
Hera Mar 2021
I told everyone that I’m okay,
But do I still need to say?
I wanted to be happy, just to be happy all day…
I wasn’t expecting you come into play
Expectations deprived me from watching sunset by the bay

They wanted me to be perfect but I couldn’t shine properly
I was criticized silently
And was perishing inside, slowly

I cried a lot; my life’s too dry
No one scrupled to ask, “Are you still okay?”
When you had the confidence to utter words, it was late.
Too late
I’ve taken my life and it was my fate.
Hera Mar 2021
I heard you shouting my name,
I heard you taking all the blame.
Can you feel the flame?
Is it still the same?
I guess not,
Because it was all a game.
Juno May 2019
Here of all places,
We had a hope of victory.
But it’s over and we know it
So don’t cry for me.
Gheeft Apr 2019
Many faults they make
Young lovers, trying a place to Stake
Night fades,the moon is out
Shinning blue colour, shinning up there.

The door is locked behind him
He places his lips on mine with intensity
What I call sheer hypocrisy
Loving without, wicked at heart

Your smiles and laughter I miss
In my head, your voice ringing
The scourging pain I feel
This heart break, really HEART BREAKING.
Poem about a lady who loves a guy with all she has, but does not get that amount of love back in return,due to the fact that the guy cheats on her, so she breaks up with him and hate him and herself for that decision.
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