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Nova May 2019
Here of all places,
We had a hope of victory.
But it’s over and we know it
So don’t cry for me.
Gheeft Apr 2019
Many faults they make
Young lovers, trying a place to Stake
Night fades,the moon is out
Shinning blue colour, shinning up there.

The door is locked behind him
He places his lips on mine with intensity
What I call sheer hypocrisy
Loving without, wicked at heart

Your smiles and laughter I miss
In my head, your voice ringing
The scourging pain I feel
This heart break, really HEART BREAKING.
Poem about a lady who loves a guy with all she has, but does not get that amount of love back in return,due to the fact that the guy cheats on her, so she breaks up with him and hate him and herself for that decision.
Mary-Eliz May 2017
Part I - Words

Don’t play word games with a poet
a poem is but a skeleton waiting for mind
and imagination to fill the open spaces
fragile, fleeting thoughts arise
like Frost upon the windowpane
they write themselves
pieces bombard like pebbles
words with no more weight
than the fluff of a yellow chick [are]
magnified into the Pillars of Hercules
[resembling] a jumble of colors wild and bright,
juxtaposed and scattered  

her words are so airy
his thoughts are so keen
perhaps even [saying] the things
we wish we had
making it a page in [our] book
[but sometimes]
they don 't go down easy,
these words meant to soothe
I want to take them back,
embarrassed that I ever set them down
wishing I could forget playwright’s evil pen,
[and now]
my brain is uninhabited by rhyme.

Part II – Nature


it rains… I want to try to count the droplets  
[as] the breeze invites a crimson leaf
to dance one last dance
geese give a melancholy voice to leaving
their dark v-shape splitting a cloudless sky
breeze ruffling trees at evening as
stars appear to transport me home
the Daystar pulls up its night covers,
letting the darkness take hold.
…the moon pregnant with the sun’s light
round full lake of fervor
the moon holds up the sky
on silver serving tray


the sun burns the horizon  
white foam, salt spray,
forlorn cry of gull, brown sands,
hot sands rhythmic roll of waves
traversing an endless “sea” holding us tight
yet leaving us free


like me my garden is wild and free
like flitting butterflies [children] come
and pick the flowers they prize
they keep on being tulips
they keep on being red
the fragments are dandelion seeds
blown to the wind  

Part III - Melancholy

I slice the day up like a lime [because]
there’s an acutely thin line between
the total lunatic fringe and that which is acceptable

I see you falling through the purple air
like a blind hungry tiger
tiresome journey seems unending
then death
some too soon [give] up the ghost
if you die so early are you forever young?

sound and fury, sound of silence
when will the bleeding end?
I cry for the grandchildren I'll likely never have,
for the grandparents I never knew.  
if I cried as much as I need to
my 60-some percent water would dissipate,
evaporate into the abyss that’s forming,
I look at the abyss [but] it isn't mine anymore,
it’s yours
as you walk, your body tries to fold into itself.
who was your beast and where have you buried him?

what if…each person’s belief is what unfolds
if you believe in nothing that’s what you’d become

the ground is your bed, the stars your night light.
soon morning will break and melt the frost,
moving it along [your} frozen pain

Part IV – Love and Longing

if you don’t want the real truth perhaps you shouldn’t ask
[but still]
be gentle with one another the world is harsh enough
she didn’t seem really loved
didn’t seem cared for that much
clothes dropped like the delicate
gray feathers of fledglings

I've heard people say they can control
what they dream
but most are who they are and will remain

I could have loved you,
madman though you were,
sometimes the less said,
the better letting go of love
[yet your] soul goes with me always
running through me like a river...
put your hands in the earth and touch me.

Epilogue: how hard did you have to work to do it well? (a line not used)

[I worked hard but didn’t do it all that well. In spite of that, I enjoyed doing it!]
I only joined at the end of March and didn't notice the prompts at first. When I did notice I didn't realize they were for April Poetry Month. I decided to try this one by taking a line from each poem I posted during April. I managed to use all but three (thus the title). Also had to make a few minor adjustments that are in brackets.
MU May 2017
Nothing saddens my heart more
Than a dog who eats my poem
And a tree that is burned down
And a cog that does not turn

Nothing saddens my heart more
Than a book that is sold cheap
And a cousin that is hurt
From the roof eager to leap

Nothing saddens my heart more
Than the earth so full of trash
And myself who is asleep
While the years moving like flash
In case you are wondering about the odd title and the unrelated lines in this poem: in the last day of National Poetry Month (NPM), valerie asks us to reuse lines from the different poems we wrote during the NPM. The result of this exercise was this poem that is like Frankenstein's Creature, a freak. If you want to know from were the different limbs (ideas) in this poem came from, please read my other poems.

Confession: I didn't use exact lines but only the topics that I was talking about in the other poems.

Here is the link to the last prompt in the NPM:
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