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Arya May 2019
I'm so small
but seem so big
trough the troubles
of the day.

I come so randomly
out of sight
making you frown
and cry all night.

Sometimes I
will reveal myself
as something in your
big hollow head.

Aayasha khan Apr 2019
Don't give the love that a girl can't bare,
keep it with u ,she doesn't care..
ur arms are scary ur fingers creep,
into her dress over and over the deep.

u love her so much ,u want her all the time,
the nights are more needy
u get to her spine
u long for her so much ,she knows.

u crawl to her when she is asleep,
she gets up screaming ,u are no where to be seen ,.
she calls out to people who are deaf and dumb,
she screams her sorrows ,no one can here them.

u tell these people she is just hallusinating ,
the pain ,the tears are all just her imagination..
the senseless people believe u now,
suddenly their senses can actually function.

u scare her, to be quiet ,
u tell her that this is all her fault.
she is a baby kid ,
unknown to this world of men.

unable to understand ur greed,
do u know u r the reason why,
that this little girl is a warrior now,
standing with a bow in her once week arms.

don't scavenger around her now,
volturs are scared of her..
don't love another girl like u do,
she will find u and she will then hunt..

her scars went unnoticed ,
so she had to turn them into her shiny armour.
bled thought the Battle field,
so her symphony is worth listening.

u think u will ruin her..
u think she is now put down..
she is a phoenix ,did u forget ..
u burn her to dust and watch her rise.

but above all
Don't love a girl the way u do
she is not needy unlike u
#girls u are treasure ,value yourself that way
I love the way
You laugh
You giggle
You shiver
You smile

I love the way
You make me laugh
You make me giggle
You make me shiver
You make me smile
Never overlook the way people make you feel
Austin Barker Apr 2017
she fixes her hair
and she uncovers her fair skin
she hopes he'll notice these small things
she walks into school and ignores what the other boys think
he sees her and is speechless
she is so gorgeous
he says to all his friends "leave us"
he whispers i see you did something new
she looks into his eyes so blue
he noticed he really does look at her
he whispers that she looks perfect
she burst into tears
he smiles and holds her for what feel like years
she buries her face in his chest
he is the best he know her better than the rest
and he'll never let her go
never let her be alone
to everyone else she is no one
he says that he has made her his choice
Seán Mac Falls Jan 2014
In gravest, gravels of untouched soil,
Spearhead of purple, beyond the pale,
One statue of siege upon a windy foil,
What mires meek airs in all you survey?

Like a frost of summers, you are lord,
To hold that seed in your spiny face,
Depressions of land your promontory,
All up with arms, iron clad as a mace,

Beneath you, the grown motley fields
Are desolate, all flowers bled, blender,
Spiders and birds know you unyielding
The lost aleatory scent of no surrender.
Aashi Apr 2017
you are human and
i'm a cone

you think you are smarter because
i sit here all day, everyday
sometimes alone
sometimes with my pal
without anyone noticing
you walk past me like
i am nothing
like i don't matter

and even though you can't see it
there's a swirling storm inside of me
that wishes to be seen
but i don't let it get to me
and so shouldn't you
don't let yourself down because of others

you are human and
i am a cone

you think you are smarter
but here i am teaching you
a very important life lesson.
To start the Day...
A wake up call by the Mindclock
Before the  Alarm Clock.

Your children's embrace .

A little chat with your friend
While on a morning walk.

Watching flowers in bloom.
Chirping of birds ..

All this on a busy Day
Makes One's Day

*"Happiness is Derived ...
In the time spent doing what we Like "
" Happiness is derived in the time spent doing what we like ",
this suggestion came from my Older son , Amitabh , while he played cricket this morning.

So, included it :)
For today's prompt Unnoticed.
Robin MacCuish Apr 2017
Glasses on a man who'll never fly
yet taught everyone how
before he died
Glasses on a man who'll never die
yet somehow did
how everyone will miss that guy
Glasses on a man who knew just how great
life could be
Glasses that use to see, smile, and dance with me
Glasses gone now
gone into the trash
But then
every now and again
I see them
and We laugh.
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