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Shifa khan Aug 2018
Look at the shady sky
The clouds moving with the  north wind making incredible shapes,
Making me remember every single moment with you and your gentle hands
Making me so comfortable
That even your small hands can become my large blanket
The shade of the tree falling on just our faces….
Our Hearts completing each other’s heartbeats
Feeling your every single breath as mine
Do you too remember me??
I wish you were here,
I wish we were here together
Looking at the clouds through each other’s eyes
Feeling the love in the north wind
Loving each other
No matter what tragedy life gives me ,
You will always be there with me
Under the same tree
Staring at me.
Let love grow in the meadow....
Sammy Apr 2018
The air brushes through her soft, dark hair.
Smiling, she gazes at the wild, blooming trees.

I had not felt this happiness in a long time.
Longing not only for the man who was the spring breeze in my hair,
but the love that he would bring me.
sadgirl Sep 2017
i was planted, nurtured
and gorged myself
on my mother's love, some sort of fertilizer

i grew, where and when
they thought i wouldn't
and i thrived

i bloomed
and i was beautiful
you cannot touch me

i wilted,
i fell down, but my daughters know what to do
but i will come back

my thorns will be remembered
alongside my beauty
but that doesn't matter anymore

you can cut my flowers down,
but you cannot keep spring
from coming
Kimberly Lore Apr 2017
Welcome back Koine,
I bet someone as strong-willed and stubborn as you
Really is enjoying the wild weather you bring

Daughter of Demeter
Your mother's joy this year is brilliant as ever
As flowers bloom from every corner of the earth

Wife of Hades
How perplexing must this season be for you
A reunion and a goodbye at the same time

I hope you get a nice tan this year
Nancy E Tracy Apr 2017
Fields of Bluebonnetts
Suddenly appearing

New birth upon us
Songbirds we're hearing

Daylight is lengthing
hearts are strengthening

Dance to the music of life
- Apr 2017
You waited for the season
when all the flowers bloom
All for hoping that what was dead be revived; that what was lost be found

Yet to no avail
Spring came and pretty sure spring would go; but no matter how much you watered and no matter how much you cared, all you hoped and prayed for would remain dead
Gidgette Apr 2017
Tulips catch sky water for the fairies today
Late blooming March Bells,
the only sun
Dandelions dance, taking even the breath of The Almighty
In their glistening glory
Weeping Cherry tree sways, as though she's a ballerina,
Covered in perfectly cut crystals
Oil on the street,
becomes a rainbow with fragments of light,
stolen from heaven
As I watch,
Heaven falls
Making love with every earthen thing
giving shine
Spring Rains
My love to each and everyone of you. Really<3
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