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Butterfly Jan 2019

Am not looking for a "perfect" person
Am looking for you
Yeah kinda *****
Anyone advice on how i can make it beter?
Lady Feb 2017
Hearts don’t break unless you let them; They often break because of love
Love is a sweet and sour tonic; a potion of notions you’ve never dreamed of.
Hearts are strong yet also fragile, by way of fortune or bad luck
So if you never give your heart away, you’ll never have to pick the pieces up

Hearts come in all shapes and sizes; some are false and some are true
And you can never be so certain if the same heart you know is the same heart you knew
Some hearts are kind and always giving; some hearts are shy and beat at their own pace
Some hearts are forever always living to put a smile on another’s face

Some hearts are trying their best to make it; some hearts are liars and some are dead
Some are forlorn and look quite hungry; the soul inside remains unfed.
Yes, often hearts can be quite messy, but if you’ve never picked the pieces up
Then you’ve likely never given your heart away; you’ve likely never let it love.
Even the greatest of loves will break your ******* heart.
But nothing Makes a heart like love either.
Nothing even comes close.
If you asked me to tell
where the ceiling ends and
the walls begin,
I wouldn’t be able to tell you.
When I think about you
everything blurs into black
like an unkindness of ravens.
And I—
You are
the only thing that ever
crosses my mind as soon as
dusk turns into night,
and I could never tell you why.
I like to think that
just as birds know when to fly
and time knows when to die,
I was meant to love you.
When you are too afraid to tell someone "I love you" so you write a poem that dances around the subject

— The End —