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Zack Ripley Nov 2020
If you could live forever,
Would you ever
Let anyone stop you
from chasing your dreams
To be a singer,
do something that matters,
have all the money and material things.
I know that's not something
We can do,
but if that doesn't matter to you,
If you can handle the bad times,
If you can handle the cold nights,
If you're willing to do
whatever it takes.
If you're okay being lonely,
Then you're the only,
The only one who
can stand in your way.
If you don't let time be your enemy,
You can be whoever you want to be.
Zan Apr 2020
My parents often ask me, why are you so stressed, why are you so depressed, . . . . . why are you so . . . crazy?
Here and now I am going to answer that question.

1. stress

The main reason I stress is from responsibility.
The word makes me go insane
All of it causes pain.

Sibilings, five younger sibilings,
they all have their things.
they each have someting that either causes me a responsibilty or stress, because its a constant worry, love.

School, all eight classes,
you expect aces.
I can't be perfect, but you want me to be, and that is a huge responsibility.

Home, all of it,
every single bit.
A home requires everybody to have a responsibility.

2. deppresed

The main reason i am often sad, mad, or a mixture of both is that you wouldn't accept me.
To know that you would hate me,
stops me from being free.

Gender, i hate it,
why do we label ourselfs why dont we quit.
I just want to be free and ya'll dont like that, so i can't.

Sexuality, mine is different,
and you would accept it.
The world is different why cant you see that, why is different bad?

Religon, the worst of all,
the lectures make me feel so small.
You force and force and it makes me wat t be farther and farther away.

3. crazy

I am crazy because you dont care.
You can't see me trying so hard,
the only things you see tears me apart.

I am trying, cant you see,
being perect for you is always who i've been tring to be.
Don't you see me working, all the time, trying to please all of ya'll.

Perfection, its impossible,
nothing can be perfectly aligned on the table.
Why do I have to be your perfect christain daughter who does so well in school while I am unhappy? Why can't I be your unperfect person that follows their dreams and is happy?

- Your unperfect human, Zan.
Zack Ripley Dec 2019
Gray skies, no sun.
All work, No fun.
That's not okay.
If you have passions,
And your parents say
"Don't waste your time.
You'll never make a living that way."
Please don't walk away.
Because in a world
Of so much stress and so much fear,
Balance is crucial to your health.
Even more so when you get closer
To your older years.
And when you have doubts,
And you feel like no one believes in you,
And you don't even believe in yourself, know that I believe in you.
I really do.
PoETE Poet-Pete Nov 2015
I have a vision,
of my brain melting on lined paper,
as I divulge my inner demon,
and exhale this passionate vapor,
my mind begins to capsize,
as waves crash into the sunrise,
like screaming howls,
as I stare into a deadly wolves eyes,
eyes, golden like this California sunrise.........

Written by
{2000 ~~ 2015}
~©~ Protected & never neglected.
FollowYourDreams Passion
Genevieve Rae Oct 2014
There is a bird who dreams of flying.
Only dreams though.
Dreams and dreams, yet never tries.
Never leaps away from the ground.

She could soar and soar,
Far up into that open space.
Never does,
She does not see the point.

There is a bird who dreamt of flying.
Only dreamt though.
Dreamed and dreamed, yet never tried.
Never leapt away from the ground.

She could have soared and soared,
Far up into that open space.
Never did,
She now sees the point.

— The End —