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Laokos May 22
I burn
beautifully in the
fires of

I got lost
in my reflection
on the
frozen foods

I was
with all the other
on ice:

three fifty-nine
for four
egg rolls

six twenty-nine
for frozen
bread dough

six ninety-nine
for wild

among them
my long mug
doing its best
to fit in

according to my
I am
three ninety-nine

but if you
ask my solar
I'm clearly marked
five fifty-nine

my **** is apparently
on clearance
reduced by thirty
percent and
selling for
one dollar and
nineteen cents

and that old lady
at the end of the aisle
is eyeing
my biscuits
and rattling
her coin purse
like she's about to
a yahtzee

my eyes dart
back to
my reflection
on the doors

what did I
come here
for again?
Sam Oct 2016
Rolling the dice,
Flipping the cup.
Always desiring all sixes,
or the best possible full house.
We get disappointed
when things don't go our way,
With Yatzee it's all luck,
there is no strategy with rolling the dice.
What you get, is what your score will be.
How things turn out,
Luck decides for you.
What will be your fate?
im very much enjoying these game refrences
even if they don't make sense to you
they make perfect sense to me :)

— The End —