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Miriam May 2020
Stretch out my hand with agony touching the window,
Trying to get close, My hand drops back to my side
My throat becomes dry, yet filled with tears
Its hot and scratchy, from wanting to scream
I feel Cold, I need Warm,
Yet  it will be No No and No
I miss the smell, strength, the love
being so close and now so far
To protect her! because I love her!
she is everything, the giver of life
Her strength, Her wisdom
But to lose her would be unthinkable
I ache inside, Just give me a chance
Just can it be soon
to bring her close to me in my arms, under my breast
to smell her hair and lay my head on her head
and tell her how much I love and miss her
But I can't
not yet
they say
what a terrible thing, what a terrible price we pay
This emptiness for Life,
What a terrible choice we had to make
What a terrible day it will be,Mother's Day
Happy Mothers Day!
In tears No Hugs, No Kisses, At a Distance
Happy Mothers Day.
laura May 2020
Today is a day
to be thankful
for everything our
mother's have done
for us. I know I
could have never gotten
through my life without
my mom.
Happy Mother's Day!
Blackenedfigs May 2020
Golden Strands
of hair glisten
like honey

Soft, solace scent
of an old home

Goose feather pillows
Blue veins disguised
inside cautious hands

Embrace me, radiate warmth
And with the utmost careful placement
of glasses on her nightstand

once again.
For Mother’s Day.
One of the best gifts that we can have is a mother’s love.
Her affection comes in various ways and in different forms.
One is for our naked eyes to see and the other thing is
A warm presence that only our heart could feel.

A gentle smile, a good advice, a warm hug, or a gentle tap.
Daily breakfast with an occasional shout or rant,
A long-distance call from a faraway land.
Whether it’s a big thing or small she has her ways to do it all.

A composed equilibrium to balance chores and duty call.
A quality time for the family, and a little “kumustahan with her kumare.’’
A woman with only one mind but with a big heart,
A precious gift from God to humankind.

To all the moms out there, we appreciate you more than ever.
Bear in mind that you can be our own personal hero too.
Thank you for being wonderfully you.
Happy Mother’s Day!
Peyton Sparks May 2020
A mother's love
Can take many forms:

It can be the water
So blue
Cooling you, on a hot day.

It can be the little green five
You "randomly" find
in your pocket.

It could even be the "luck"
Of catching the soft white bundle
At a wedding.

A mother's love
Can be lifetimes long...
BMJunior Apr 2020
She sacrificed
her own
even her future.
listen to you scream
lash out
be frustrated
sob at night
To hear your tales of hurt
and cobwebs of
intersecting with
hopeful dreams
and a future
To sweat tears and
like there's no tomorrow
To comfort and discipline you,
to be the best role model that
you'll ever get

The most beautiful word
in the

ఈ జగన్నాధ నాటకంలో నేనొక పాత్రనైతే
నా పాత్రకు ప్రణం పోసి
నా చుట్టూ అనేక పాత్రలు పోషించి
నన్నే తన ప్రపంచం చేసుకుని
ఈ ప్రపంచాన్ని నాకు పరిచయం చేసి
నా నవ్వే నీ ఆనందమని
నా బాధే నీ కన్నీరని
నా స్నేహితులే నీ స్నేహితులని
నా విజయం నీదని
నా కొసం నీవెన్ని వదులుకున్నావో..
అమ్మా నీకు వందనం !!

నేనెంత దూరాన్ని ఉన్నా
నీ ప్రేమే నాకు శ్రీరామరక్ష
Velvel Ben David Apr 2020
Today is a day to celebrate, not to be taken as a given
 Nor take for granted the gift of this our mortal life
  To praise which is to pass from here onto life eternal
   Don’t you know? It’s a mother who forms the endless circle
    Where the circle begins and the circle should end
     She opens a door with a key held only by her hands
      Calling upon angels of heaven to grant her a soul
       She has known me from before the first kingdom
        When the Father brought light to our existence
         Even then, she knew my flaws to their very essence
          She welcomed me without an ounce fear or reservation
           In humility, in obedience to the Father, in loving kindness
            By our Creator’s love, by mother’s choosing, her bravery
Today is her day
                                                                ­                         My mother’s day
Lexie Rose Apr 2020
I never thank you for being the sole orange-blossom in my garden.
Laughter fills your pockets and spills into the air like bubbles, adhering to all who pass.
Only you know how to turn anger into flowing yellow carnations and chocolate swirls.
Vibrant amber sun-eyes glint on your face; you elevate me with your common sense and faith.
Every night, when I was little, you crocheted a quilt of stories in my head so I could sleep.
Your touch turns my tears into dragon-flies fluttering
Off my cheeks, reminding me that I am never alone.
Upon my shoulders, I wear your strength as a jacket against the cold.
An acrostic poem about my mom and all she does for me
Eu te amo com todo meu coração, 
você simplesmente é uma benção.

Obrigada por tudo que você me deu
e que sempre me entendeu.

Obrigada por tudo que você me ensinou,
por tudo que você me mostrou.

Obrigada por sempre estar ao meu lado, 
e por nunca me deixar abandonado(a).

Obrigada pelo carinho e pela companhia neste caminho.

Obrigada por secar minhas lágrimas e depois de cada chorinho, 
deixar tudo de novo certinho.

Obrigada pelo seu amor que enche o meu coração de cor.

Obrigada por segurar a minha mão
e também cuidar do meu irmão.

Obrigada por me abraçar, me beijar e me cuidar.
Você me mostrou o que significa “amar”.

Obrigada pelas brigas.
Elas me disseram que apesar de tudo somos amigas.

Em dias nublados você precisou lutar,
mas depois da tempestade o sol sempre voltou a brilhar.

Obrigada pela sua coragem e seu esforço durante esta viagem.
Já notou que isso é uma homenagem?

Obrigada por ser você, por ser linda, maravilhosa, inteligente e forte
Tenho uma mãe fantástica e já nasci com sorte!

Dizem que não há amor maior do que o amor de uma mãe, e é verdade.
mas esqueceram que uma filha pelo amor da mãe cresce em paz, gratidão e liberdade.

Não existe pessoa que merece mais estas minhas palavras do que você.

Hoje sou uma mulher jovem, bonita e inteligente.
mas o que disso tudo eu seria sem você presente?
Pois tudo que eu sou, eu devo a você.

Obrigada mamãe.  

- gio, 13.05.2018
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