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Velvel Ben David Apr 2020
Today is a day to celebrate, not to be taken as a given
 Nor take for granted the gift of this our mortal life
  To praise which is to pass from here onto life eternal
   Don’t you know? It’s a mother who forms the endless circle
    Where the circle begins and the circle should end
     She opens a door with a key held only by her hands
      Calling upon angels of heaven to grant her a soul
       She has known me from before the first kingdom
        When the Father brought light to our existence
         Even then, she knew my flaws to their very essence
          She welcomed me without an ounce fear or reservation
           In humility, in obedience to the Father, in loving kindness
            By our Creator’s love, by mother’s choosing, her bravery
Today is her day
                                                                ­                         My mother’s day
Lexie Rose Apr 2020
I never thank you for being the sole orange-blossom in my garden.
Laughter fills your pockets and spills into the air like bubbles, adhering to all who pass.
Only you know how to turn anger into flowing yellow carnations and chocolate swirls.
Vibrant amber sun-eyes glint on your face; you elevate me with your common sense and faith.
Every night, when I was little, you crocheted a quilt of stories in my head so I could sleep.
Your touch turns my tears into dragon-flies fluttering
Off my cheeks, reminding me that I am never alone.
Upon my shoulders, I wear your strength as a jacket against the cold.
An acrostic poem about my mom and all she does for me
Eu te amo com todo meu coração, 
você simplesmente é uma benção.

Obrigada por tudo que você me deu
e que sempre me entendeu.

Obrigada por tudo que você me ensinou,
por tudo que você me mostrou.

Obrigada por sempre estar ao meu lado, 
e por nunca me deixar abandonado(a).

Obrigada pelo carinho e pela companhia neste caminho.

Obrigada por secar minhas lágrimas e depois de cada chorinho, 
deixar tudo de novo certinho.

Obrigada pelo seu amor que enche o meu coração de cor.

Obrigada por segurar a minha mão
e também cuidar do meu irmão.

Obrigada por me abraçar, me beijar e me cuidar.
Você me mostrou o que significa “amar”.

Obrigada pelas brigas.
Elas me disseram que apesar de tudo somos amigas.

Em dias nublados você precisou lutar,
mas depois da tempestade o sol sempre voltou a brilhar.

Obrigada pela sua coragem e seu esforço durante esta viagem.
Já notou que isso é uma homenagem?

Obrigada por ser você, por ser linda, maravilhosa, inteligente e forte
Tenho uma mãe fantástica e já nasci com sorte!

Dizem que não há amor maior do que o amor de uma mãe, e é verdade.
mas esqueceram que uma filha pelo amor da mãe cresce em paz, gratidão e liberdade.

Não existe pessoa que merece mais estas minhas palavras do que você.

Hoje sou uma mulher jovem, bonita e inteligente.
mas o que disso tudo eu seria sem você presente?
Pois tudo que eu sou, eu devo a você.

Obrigada mamãe.  

- gio, 13.05.2018
Isabel May 2019
"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

A thousand's of problems,
and a thousand's of elements,
You chose to be happy,
but sometimes you're a little bit

I saw you crying that time,
and yet you insist that you're fine,
I thought you were strong enough,
and pretended that you're tough,
and I know it was just a bluff.

We are each one's cause of euphoria,
and made this place like utopia,
It might be an endless road,
and it means happiness will
be flowed.

I know that words aren't enough,
sorry I can't express myself a lot,
this might be short,
but I hope this will never get old,
old words that might turn to gold.

I just want to say that everyone
want's happiness and no one want's
pain but you can't have a
rainbow without a little rain.

If you want to let it out,
just shout,
You can end the pain for the
meantime by saying you're out,
Coz there's no pain that are meant
to stay.

Thank you for being my father's woman,
Thank you for being my anpanman.

Happy Mother's Day!!
I made this for my mom on the day of Mother's day and I know it's already too late for me to post this just now coz I forgot to post it on that day but I hope you will enjoy reading this and I also wanted to say Happy Belated Mother's Day to all:)))
Moth May 2019
something as simple as trying your shoes
it doesn't seem to be a big deal
but to me who always would refuse
never saw the appeal

until the girl across the street
saw me as she passed through
and looked at both my feet
she said "Let me show you"

she taught me a lot of things
from tying my shoes and riding a bike
to how to jump of the swings
I didn't know then as a tyke

back when I was still so small
that we would grow apart
I would loose them in a loll
the mother that held my heart
I've had many mothers, all of them never having children. I think the first will always influence me the most. Anyway It's really late, but here is my mothers day poem.
Aaron L Osgood May 2019
Let’s Take A Moment to Celebrate Mother’s Day.
Although I keep hearing everyday is a celebration that’s true.
Everyday my Mother never stop loving me.
How about you?
From the day I was born to how I’m living now.
I thank God that my Mother’s strong and still around.
I miss my Mother’s Mother (my grandma) without a doubt.
R.I.P. Myrtle C. Pringley the moments we had is still with me.
Motion pictures to still memories I still press play.
I remember grandma after you passed in my dreams you visited me.
In my dreams you gave me a ride home and told me you were okay.
The odd thing is where I live now.
When you were alive you didn’t know where I stayed.
So it’s not a hidden memory that was misplaced.
Thank You God and my Grandmother for a blessing daughter.
Thank You God for always having your angels around her.
Even when she didn’t know of your presence.
No matter which path she followed God had engraved.
How and the 5 W’s the day she would get saved.
I remember the day she was introduce to LOJ.
From then to now she still walks his way.
Following the Holy road to heaven.
The only road to heaven and covered in his presence.
I really didn’t mean to write this long.
But I guess I wanted to express exactly where I came from.
Tamara (my lady) always say my Mother and I is exactly alike.
So I get a little glimpse of what her life was like.
I don’t mind if we’re alike because my Mother I love.
Than You God and Grandmother from the heavens above.

To: Lauren C. Osgood (I Love You Always)
This could be the only one or more to come
levi eden r May 2019
it's mother's day, mom.
growing up, i stayed glued to your side.
a mother's boy, some would say.
i loved, and still do, love the scent of your perfume,
there was no other smell like it.
summer mornings of us going to garage sales with my grandmother.
summer nights spent with you and dad,
watching t.v,
i couldn't ask for more.
you were my first bully.
for a long time and even sometimes now,
i blame you for the way i look at myself and life.
but nonetheless, you gave me life.
you being alive and seeing you go through everything has taught me that no matter what,
i need to keep growing and staying strong.
mom, thank you for telling me you still love me even when the taboo topic of depression came up and caused me to have those "bad years",
you'd call them.
thank you for loving me.
i love you, no matter what.
Mal May 2019
shout-out to the moms who have lost their children
to the mothers that lost their mother
mothers with strained child relationships
mothers with strained mother relationships
mothers who were forced to become a mother

shout-out to lesbian moms
single moms who work their *** off
those who are yearning to become mothers
mothers who cant have their own children so they chose adoption
mothers who were named max but are now named mia

your're doing amazing. keep up the work!
much love to moms and everyone. :)
Happy Mother's Day ♡
Kathleen M May 2019
her skin
looks like the sunset
its promise
sounds like her voice
and humble
singing songs of
witful phrases
the earth's spine shivers
in delight
of her footsteps
treading lightly
teaching ways of wonder
by seeing through the eyes
of children
and speaking in tongues
of brilliance
she is a flower
my mother
welcoming the rain
forgiving the clouds
and blooming
in sunlight
Happy Mother's Day!
anna May 2019
you know you wanted to have children
because there's nothing else like having children

and you have resolved to try anything once
drugs, countries, racing, dancing all night, threesomes,


the thing is, once you have kids, you can't have nothing else

having kids is like having this repetitive job where your mates are slightly dumb
(but they're growing on you)
and there's no time off ever
and the pay is scarce
but you were promised that one day you will get a miraculous reward
may be in ten years, may be later
so you can't complain
or your reward will be smaller or nothing at all

it's not as simple as lack of autonomy
you are an extention of their anatomy

having kids is like having a second heart outside of your body
and it constantly hurts

but they do give you answers to life's hardest questions
because they keep asking you life's hardest questions
at 7am and you have to go searching
for carton of milk, clean clothes
and a meaning of life

they teach you to say i love you

they teach you that your strength is finite

they teach you that your strength is actually infinite

they teach you to be santa and tooth fairy and mother of dragons
and everything there is to know about robots and vampires

they teach you that you are the most beautiful, wise and love-deserving human on earth

but your life worth nothing

mom, what day is today?
and what happens to us when we die?
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