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Joshua Hobbs Oct 2016
Long, feverish, and tormented, my nights are...
Thoughts of then, now, and what's to become.
When the Sun reaches my eyes,
only Darkness will it find.

Lived only for me since a young child,
A strict code, written upon my soul
"Find happiness in oneself."

I was warned about you...
How love would find me,
and in my time of need-
it would leave me.

But, I do not fear what is to become of me.
I only fear what use I shall be to you-
when you find I am not the man you once believed me to be.

I only wish for your happiness...
Because in doing so, I find myself.
The thing I lost long ago,
that sparkle in your eye...

When the gracious presence of your smile first hit me-
Lost, I thought I was until we found each other.
"I love you." Never before had these words carried merit...
Now I can't do without them...

I want you to see what I see, Beautiful.
No object or prize to be had-
But a Soul in pieces,
Gracefully broken,
Together... We can find the right fit.

And on that day, you can lean on me.
Give me your burdens and I shall make lemonade,
Give me your time and I shall live only for it,
And give me that smile... For it is all I know.

I am your shield,
I am your sword,
Use me...
For I am yours.
Forever and Always
Jenny Gordon Jul 2016
Happily he deals very gently and understandingly with me.  I love him.


Not mists.  Thet ghostly whiteness as a veil
Down where the valley shivers in suspense,
Flirtatious winds' moist breath stale in the sense
Tis muggy ere dawn cast off Sunday's pale
Thought of more hallowed things, and in a frail
Excuse I button that blouse Mum gave thence
To me, to die as seeing her worn face hence,
Those precious eyes, and hate me in betrayl.
Oh Robert!  How I want to scream as twere
Until the universe is shattered to
Sheer nothingness.  But then as now in poor
'Scuse, no sound can come out. And I tell you
Cuz only you seem understand.  Mists tour
Forsooth, and I still breathe, pray, love you too.

Not like I ever want to "get over" Mum's death.
nom de plume Apr 2016
the pull from under my ribs
is wanderlust
unsuccessfully convincing myself

that the ache in my soul
is not my red string of fate--
the one wrapped around my heart--

being pulled taut
ripping my organs from my chest  
and breaking my ribs like glass

it is not,
i whisper, not fooling anyone
the distance that makes it feel

like glass shards have taken over my throat
crawling from my mouth
and cutting off my tongue

it is not,
the fact that i cannot hold you
that makes my arm feel as if they have no purpose

it is not,
you being so far from my heart, my arms
that cuts up my insides so fine

please let me pretend,
just for a while longer,
that you being gone doesn't make me feel like a goner
unfinished; may return to
Jerome Feb 2016
Even though we went on our own ways
I'm still here waiting for you
Waiting for you to rekindle our old memories
How it felt every time I'm by your side

But maybe those memories will be my past
The past that I cannot ever feel
No matter how tightly I hold onto it
brandon nagley Jun 2015
Every time I seeketh her
She always falls asleep
Yet I guess I'll let her rest
May her soul get some peace..
EAC Dec 2014
She is the very air I live to breath, the comforting sun I bath in.
The breaking warmth over the morning.
The caramel macchiato I so crave.
I live for her, and her for me.
Her tears, do so bring me fury.
Her radiate smile, endless life.
Her heart, forever happiness.
Verse: O
bcg poetry Oct 2014
Next to my alarm clock, on my bedside table, I keep a note
It simply says:
"It was a dream. He's still gone."
And every morning when I wake up with a smile
And roll over to trace your lips good morning,
I see the note
I don't have to read it anymore
I know what it says
I memorized it like I memorized you
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
I remember you like a famous brachiosaur, ensconced in the terrible street lamps of west county apartment block row. That swaying bronze gate to your three flat two room apartment. Skinny legs for the couch, the backroom bedroom, and the bunk beds in the master suite. We studded me for excellent squeeze; one trident pull switching time against a baited lock. "I'll swallow you whole," you brushed off into my ear while I passed your cheek with my lips, braising your skin with dew drops of our rushes and sweat. Even for April this was alright. Your brother had already moved out, and listening to Hall and Oates and going fishing was all you wanted to do. So I made us two root beer floats with Almond Milk ice cream, and settled into you for five hours and forty-five minutes. It was before 5:00a.m. when you turned to the night and spilled the last ounces of your naked body out to me beneath the satin sheets. I pressed my lips hard against your nose and whispered I'd be leaving soon. Still I do not recall if I woke you when I left, but I remember that next day when you questioned if I had.
Written for Elizabeth Huff

— The End —