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When the illusive Angel of LOVE strikes
On the birds soaring wings in flight
LOVE rests for a while in their nest
To pen birth of LOVING babies in hearts
To brood LOVERz-BELOVEDz LOVE passions
Into a phenomenal devotional longing...

That's what this craving is all about
To annihilate ourselves in LOVEz
This is our chance to show the world
The true way to LOVEz each other as

The world asked us: "Who are YOU?"
We said: "Shadows of each other"

The world asked us: "What do you want?"
We said: "Each other's LOVEz"

The world said to us: "That's impossible"
We said: "..If that is so.. so be it...!"

If this is the pathetic affairs
On which the world functions
Let the world know this:

-Our LOVE is not a "game"
-Our LOVE is not a "business"
-Our LOVE is not a "competition"
-Our LOVE is not a "gamble"
-Our LOVE is not a "play"

We LOVERz have lived history:
Burned in the flames of fire
Drowned in the abyss oceans
Jumped into the deep valleys
Broken into shards & pieces
Bled under swords slashes
Lynched at public spaces
And been crucified on the cross

Those who try to **** our LOVE
Listen this carefully:
Amidst all cruelty and atrocities
We LOVERz have survived
Our LOVE is still alive

In whatever state we are in
We're still LOVERz-BELOVEDz unite
That's the measure of

We keep on calling each other
With our LOVE poems and songs
We keep on communicating
With LOVE energies and vibes

Let the world listen to our music
Let the world feel our LOVE aura
And change the way humans live

It is the same LOVE we sync-in
Through which each person is born
It is the same feelings of LOVE
That touches each human heart &
Burns in longing at least once
In their life time with tears

Those who have courage
Will continue LOVING and succeed
Those who are cowards
Will live life... - defeated...!
Let them search for success in "work"
But let us LOVERz-BELOVEDz -
LOVE each other aplenty now

Having lived so long in LOVE
Do not expect us to stop LOVING

Even if the world does not extend
Support to our LOVE
We will continue LOVING
And longing for each other

We brought a heart
Of peace and LOVE
Why did not the world
Understand & accept us?

We told each other
"LOVE YOU till death"
Why the world did not
listen to our pleas?

Only when:
Layla-Majnun were killed
Romeo-Zuliet died
Heer-RanZhana committed suicide
Shirin-FaRhaZd gave their lives
The world remembered its own guilt
And looks down on itself with shame

In the end - if world does not LOVE
The world will burn in its own wild-fires
The world will face calamities
Its own bane, scourged nemesis

This is the un-uttered curse
That will befall the world on the
Judgement-day, Apocalypse, Doomsday,
For making a LOVERz BELOVEDz wail

LOVE in the times of Corona-Virus and Covid-19
  Jun 25 Micah Rion
Don't blame
nor guilt yourself
we create our reality
feelings and responses
nobody has the power to
add or subtract from us
unless we allow it.
What I once
deemed your fault
I  now realize
it was just a point of view
and views can vary
as we change and move
around the angles.

Down the rabbit hole
applied effort, work
seeing clearly
my strengths and weaknesses
I tend to magnify my faults
and diminish my qualities
but doing things differently
letting go of dead ends
any perfectionist tendencies
and distorted perceptions
old childhood programming
pulling from the vortex
anything that drains me.
Peeling those layers
that deemed my light
my inner spark
self imposed expectations
crumbling down.

We are all pure light
but earthly anxieties
can dull our sights
learning as we go
at different paces
to finally display
that glowing light
that's inside all of us.
I'm okay with who I am
Xie Xie!  (T.Y.)
She built her house
in tattered papers of
broken dreams and
expectation of people
around her.

Why is it that everytime
she open her eyes
all she can see is
the lone star
pretending to blend with
other stars around it?

Why insist?

Why is it that it is trying to hide her brightness with other stars?

Afraid of rejection?

She built her home
in thunderstorm of madness.
The idea of being put
in the sea of people
and you have a enochlophobia, swimming in fire
and flying to the ground.

I don't know where it lead her
but all I can see is the destruction.

Her destruction.
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