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Luke Mar 2019
just a taste to end my sorrow
get me by tonight, to see tomorrow
nothing more but a glass
any more
the morning sun will have my ***
For my drinking friend
Luke Mar 2019
But a dream
But a dream, but a wish
For better days with better ways
For a fresh start for a fresh dish
But a dream
But hopes, but desires
For all to be new, not one clue
No wrong and no more liars
But a dream
But a necessity
To replace what i have
For a new destiny
To get back what i gave
And do what’s best for me
New is all i crave
Ahhh just leave it be
I am nothing more to save
Luke Mar 2019
The world turns dark
Here we go again
THe rush of sadness fulfills
I’m alone again

I picked up what was lost
And ran away with it
Like a careless wind

I wish I was blind
Deaf or mute
Maybe then I could have  a viable excuse
Luke Mar 2019
I refuse to go anymore,
This pointless path is once again a dead end
Long and dreary, nothing but a bore
Luke Mar 2019
Take the words as a grain of salt
You are stronger
Than your own thoughts
Luke Mar 2019
Forget it even happen
None of it matters
Maybe a taste, just to dappen
My mind is such a scatter

Ive lost myself
I don’t understand
Ive lost myself
I cannot withstand

Pain and sadness
Deep in my soul
Leave a hand for me to harness
The darkness leaves its toll
Luke Mar 2019
Father time.
No mystery in his ways
just to procede on
with every day
He holds every story
he knows your past,
and all of your glory
He knows your next adventure
and your final depature
time is of essence
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