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Akhil Bhadwal Nov 2020
They are still burning for me, guiding me forever,
Their shine getting dimmer, but flicker? never!
I am nothing without their light,
I'm bright only because of their shiny sight.

Don't know how long will they be on this plane with me,
But I know for sure, they will always be locked away inside my red *****,
Flowing through every drop of my blood and every thought of my existence,
Guiding me/keeping me sane whenever I'm lost/short of sight.

People say that nothing lasts forever, but true love does,
It was, it is, it will.
Hey, I believe your loved ones never leave you,
They are always inside your soul, guiding you with their eternal light!
Gratitude for my loved ones, especially my parents!
ekta Oct 2017
got a new life..
After you left Me..
I realized my importance
in your absence
Only one thing to say
My family is my true friend..
And for Me whole world
lies in my parents....

— The End —