Love shouldn’t hurt this much.
That I am sure.
I don’t know what
either of us is hoping for.
Two broken hearts
can never full make one whole.
All it does is waste time
until you’ve lost your soul.

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Title: Two Broken Hearts
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2017

We spoke of when there was no moon to weigh us down,
And the sea was calm and the days were short,
And there was strawberry pie eaten with plastic forks.
And a sky of endless birds flew to a warmer oblivion.
I told you I would drive and you said it would be ok,
And the California highway was something I needed before the storm.
The hungry engine ate our words and every mile was a minute,
And you we were there and the planet was spinning away from the west.

that’s what I’m afraid of
that too
to put yourself out there
to leave everything up to him
with no control
to possibly be laughed at
the thought terrifies me
of course it could be worth it all
even more than that
but the steps getting there
well I haven’t decided if the risk
is worth it yet

(thinking about you on a friday morning)
7:37 am

Watched them clear away the tables
thought tonight was the time
they would finally
wash us away
after one thousand guests
dined in our wake

One thousand people in love
or else hoping if they sat long enough
love would become
sex was never ours
it was borrowed like time
from the death throes of G-d

One by one
we drowned old fools
beneath the surgery light
we toasted tomorrow
as they do in Hollywood
and poured another wine

I can still hear you singing
though where you are
I do not know
watched them clear away the tables
the colour leave your face
the water kill the stone

You would not recognise me
I have grown so old and slow
love now the blue pill of evening
that blurs all features
and cause the edges to glow
they ring the bell for closing time

I wonder how long I must wait
I wonder when it is my turn to go

A poem about an old man reflecting on familiar places he used to go with his wife.

The long dormant heart need
burst, explode, dance in the fire,
decry the years.
Dare laugh at the black angel.
Howl with glee, a jacquerie of one.
For you are a presence, alive.
Astonish, before it is too late.
For the lambent eve wanes.

I unravel the scrolls hidden
Deep, dark secrets unwritten
Wordless experiences
The blank pages of your heart
No pen and paper relay

All your fear and pain
All the loss and gain
Those things you put away
Reflecting off your face
Though not written, I read

And you ask if I can mend
The emotional cuts that tend
To take a little piece of you
Slowly making you less and less
But I don't know where you went

A stranger is all I see
And I can't say we're meant to be
But if you're still in there
Somewhere, hidden, I swear
I'll unravel you

JM 4/26/17

I haven't forgotten about you
Even with all this time apart
I still want the things I said I do
There's still so much love in my heart

I should've move on a while ago
But when I love, I love for good
It's a lot easier said than done you know
I mean I'd let go if I only could

Maybe apart of me doesn't want to
Because I'll lose you for good
There's never been anyone like you
Who can do the things that you could

I don't mean to come off as pathetic
But I refuse to believe this is the end
Has all this obsessing made me lovesick?
I can't bear to just be your friend

For the fucking love of my life the make my head spin. April 24, 2017 1:09pm
valerie 4d

i remember you once told me

i shouldn't allow fear to

control me because i

could lose that chance and

opportunity with someone.

and i lost that chance and opportunity

with you

Lone smokers,
Byways faded into darkness,
Roads, people, forgotten by the cities,
Friends made from the smell of smoke rising,
Stayed comrades for life,
Odd no?
That a thing as a cigarette,
Could bond friends for life.

Yozhik 4d

I think I’ve wronged you think you’ve wronged me
We’ve both apologized many times many ways
But still the chill of guilt won’t set us free.

Your eyes glisten; say you act selfishly
Mine plead, yours can’t bear to meet my gaze
I think I’ve wronged you think you’ve wronged me.

If we could just connect then we might see
That friendship yet lives within this haze
But still the chill of guilt won’t set us free.

And now that our hearts beat separately
While we act on different shores, in different plays
I think I’ve wronged you think you’ve wronged me.

And worse we both know the tragedy
That that’s how caring for each other pays
But still the chill of guilt won’t set us free.

Laugh we cannot friends we cannot be
When chained by grey regret from yesterdays
I think I’ve wronged you think you’ve wronged me
And still the chill of guilt won’t set us free

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