Asami 1d

The world is slowly spinning
Yet it causes vertigo
Why do this keep on happening ?
Why do all my loved ones have to go?

I swear I saw you last night
Up in the starry sky
Outshined stars with your light
Brought longing tears to my eyes

Watching over me from above
Sending me hope in waves of unconditional love
God , how I missed this beautiful smile
I miss you so much mom

austin 1d

i am speechless

i am speechless at the thought of you
your care
               your words
                                 your smile
                                                         your potential.
bridges have fallen
                            crashed down
a home ransacked
                                          put in ruins

my heart melted from blind love


your heart remained privately unyielding
                         toxically and stealthily.

i am speechless

saying less is sometimes smart

When all the world was young
Where did those bright days go?
Down the dusty boardwalk
In your straw hat
So many years ago,
Brother Bill right behind you
Every step of the way
When all the world was young.

Laughing in the garden
Big sisters always near
Summers quickly passing
And so do the years.
One day you're in school
And helping out with chores,
In the blink of an eye you're seventeen
And now the world's at war.

The world aged so quickly then
And I know you did too
At eighteen you wear a uniform
Like all the fellas do.
The task is set before you
You are steadfast and true.
How is it that I never knew
The things you had to do?

You volunteered for service
To Suffield you did go,
Experimental station for
Chemical warfare, now we know.
Now we know, why you aged so
With all the damage done
So many years ago
When all the world was young.

Sixty years later
Your family receives
Notice you were subjected
To poisonous gas secretly.
Our country was at war
Is what they have to say
Thank you for the sacrifice
Of lost years you had to pay.

© 2012 Verlie Burroughs

A poem for my Dad, John David Burroughs 1924-1983. War has touched us all, sometimes without us even knowing it.

One month and you’re still gone
One month and you’re not here
One month and I still miss you
One month and I’m still grieving
One month and God knows how many tears
But it’s one month still the same

Some days I wondered how I’d keep going
Sometimes I could barely hold myself together
Somedays I thought maybe I was healing
Sometimes I thought maybe I wasn’t
One month and God knows how much pain
But it’s one month still the same

I still don’t sleep well and I’m still afraid of dreams
I still can’t listen to your music for fear of breaking down
I still see that everyone misses you
I still cry and grieve and wish it wasn’t true
One month and God knows how it hurts
But it’s one month still the same

It’s one month and you’re still gone
It’s one month and you’re still an angel
It’s one month and you’re still missed so much
It’s one month and it hasn’t really mended
One month and God knows how you’re doing
But it’s one month still the same

We miss you, one month, two and thirty
We miss you, cause you’re way up there
We love you, though it hurts like hell
We love you, one year, two and thirty
One month and God knows that we’re healing
But it’s one month still the same

It’s one month, and I know we’re hurting
It’s one month, but time still heals
It’s one month, and I’m still crying but
It’s one month, and we’ll keep going
One month and God knows all that happened
But it’s one month still the same

We miss you


I wanted to buy you a rose but no one was selling. I’m not sure what I would have done with it anyway, but...I thought of you a lot today.
a 2d

nothing is right
no look
no feeling
no t o u c h
except yours
your soft grasp
encasing every inch

but i can't t h i n k
this isn't right
but is it okay

i wish you could be the one for me

I look into those watery
eyes, years of pain upon
your face; not a breath
could calm the tides.

All of those beloved
people, traveling through
time and space; not one of
them stays alive.

I am waiting for the sun to expand and swallow
Everything my eyes can see.
the feeling of
afraid... love
doesn't exist anymore
Because you said so..
that day you took every cloud
From the sky,
Nothing came after.
how could you ask me
To forget..
existing beside you..
While the universe in chaos
Crashed down through
Our ceiling,
  Even more than that..
The impact
The wake of your leaving,                                              
Shattered my soul,
And left craters
In the prairies of my mind
Mountains were falling
Down to earth from on high..
Colliding with every
hope filled
Thought I had of loving you...
i was trying
To rise up through the cloudless  
Frozen sky,
Fool was I
To think I could fly
Not knowing
That you did not want...
To reach your moon...

KDM 2d

Space may give you a shelter,

& time may hold your tears.

Silence may carry your burdens,

& your conscience may listen to your fears.

Solitude may bring you temporary comfort,

& you may fight this war for years.

Your mind may try to deceive you,

& decisions may seem unclear.

If you find yourself doubting,

worrying for all that you hold near,

there is one thing you must promise to remember,

no matter who proves to be insincere.

Through the good times & the bad times,

we will never veer.

You will never truly be alone.

Not while we share the same biosphere.

Tsunami 2d

The train tracks raced.
Connected you to I,
Wound through some sort of subspace,
Fell asleep to their lullabies.

Under bridges.
Over hills.
Drink your courage.
Swallow your pills.

The train tracks ran,


abandonment is a hard pill to swallow when home never existed
Tsunami 2d

Did I tell you that my lungs burned the first time you told me you didn’t love me?
It was like my first taste of a cigarette,
Except your words never left me any kind of head rush.
My blood was replaced with liquid gold,
When I first yelled “Fuck You” at the top of my lungs.
My veins encased with silver with every step I took.

The boiling point of gold and silver are both well over two thousand degrees celsius.
I swear that night I blistered out of my own skin,
Cauterized my own heart,
To never feel the pain of something so deep.

My hands were scorched with how much time I had spent,
Attending to your needs and pushing my own away.
My eyes begged for relief.
Every inch of skin you had ever touched continued to ignite long after you’d left.

And so in a final desperate attempt,
I say farewell,
To what we once had.
This is my goodbye,
The letting go of all my charred remains.

Lewis Mundt wrote about how people were made of 72.8% water,
To this day I believe,
I was 72.8% lava the night we said we’d never be.

i wrote this when i broke up with my first boyfriend at the tender age of 15
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