Lisbon  Apr 2016
Lisbon Apr 2016

One, and two, and two, and two
The people I saw to get to you
The door, the desk, the man, the bed
The thoughts of what you're going through

My face a distant helpless frown
My heart gave way when I saw you wince
My knees felt weak and Buckle-y
The thought, it came: I let you down

Control so far, we can't attain
Alternatives so distant now
Delete the wrongs this world wreaks
Loss too great, the horrid pain

A miscarriage of all our aims
No doctor can prescribe a cure
I finally scream in cathartic rage
"I thought this fucking comic was about video games"

Saw the name of the daily poem and inspiration took me. I hope it doesn't look like I'm trying to ride that person's coattails here.
W L Winter  Jul 2016
W L Winter Jul 2016

In swirling paisley of
the sun I wept a tear
shaped glint of light

my friends left in search of
a certain wine and cheese
wrapped in laughter but
I stayed behind with
a different hunger

even though the weight
of loss is impossible food
I had full measure
for a man my size

it took a great distance
for that nourishment
to reach the tips of my

fingers so for a long
time in the garden I let
the asparagus go

and watched the
tender shoots grow
to full green plumes
in hopes of seeds

Marta Rampini  Feb 2015
Marta Rampini Feb 2015

i tend to lose myself
in the smallest things -
i surround myself
in distractions
so i don't lose my mind,
yet i cry myself to sleep
every night with the
thought of losing everyone

i lose myself in you, too -
your eyes are pools of
green waters held by
your hands, where life
flows along the veins
and creases in your palms

i tend to lose myself,
but there is no need
for you to worry -
if you ever find me lost,
i will come back to you,

Tuesday Pixie  Aug 2014
Tuesday Pixie Aug 2014

I gasp and watch
As I hammer the final nail into the coffin.
We sit. Apart.
Staring at our loss
Knowing and not knowing
Understanding and not understanding
Feeling and unable to comprehend
The true realisation will come later
With crashing waves of tears
And unanswered questions
'Why?' There are always reasons.
'Life is cruel' But they're never enough.

Now. Now, we sit.
My mind already begins to wrap
This moment in a fine silk handkerchief
Labelled 'Beautiful and tragic'
A keepsake.
And sometime later
I shall unwrap it
The final.

Camilla Green  Apr 20
Camilla Green Apr 20

i fall in love with everyone
and my lips are never chapped
  so now i eat cinnamon toast
   and i paint the sun
    with blackberry juice

I lost my sister yesterday
Rosy hearts always fade to gray
She was always there
To make me smile, to make me care
She fell in love
As she shouted to the skies above
She required my help
But a failure began to develop
I failed her
As a horrid brother
I became
In my rage, with pain
Left a bloodstain
She is gone
Never again to witness the dawn
I am alone
My sins to atone
Another lost candle in the dark
Blown out by my bark
Goodbye Nicole
May you never again receive my toll

I ruined my relationship with my sister.  My failure caused me to become unbearable.  I never saw her again.
Hal Loyd Denton  Jan 2012
Hal Loyd Denton Jan 2012

LossOne persons answer to deaths finality
Nancy what do I do I had things to write that I wanted to show you. The flame of your life dwindled to a flicker and then only a glowing ember. Now all that remains is the coldest coal nothing of your beauty and resonating life to earth shows there is no place to rekindle the glow the life you did show. Like a candle in a dark room all the burning finished but the day is so far away. In this dungeon darkness to sit alone unutterable words bind the tongue as strong as deaths cruel unyielding grip. All that is left all that anyone can do is speak to your memory. I know it is not as strong as death a body without breath my defeat the impenetrable veil all semblance of human emotional depth it repels without effort or mercy. Only Saul pierced the pall of this blackest wall spoke to one through evil device to great the cost for briefest utterances he lost it all. I want the peace we shared in common those days without end so cluttered and full with bits and pieces of life that we both shared and knew in detail. Strangers left outside the circle of our hopes and dreams now I to face a barricade the first parameter the mist of gray sorrows dark lined and drawn face. The second mythical beings that taunt with illusion and promise that evaporates at the feeblest attempt to get your attention. You fall to the ground the most familiar and comforting knowable existence then you convulse at the knowledge this is where my friend is defined defamed a better word she walked on the soil she ruled earth and sky like a gull playful exciting your eyes always filled the air with contentment. There was the airy feel that nature was dancing to an enthralling tune that you alone could hear and as you passed you would offer your hand and then two would swirl seemly even able to captivate the wind. Where can you replace the irreplaceable the grave bares this truth and comfort one of our own has found peace among the thorns man’s life is short and full of trouble only a vapor to be consumed. I guess that is the great rub as William so eloquently stated it. There is this rock hard fact determination is birthed at life’s going before we can be as the willow bent by every breeze our heart our limbs react to regret with a stiffing resolve we will go forward they are honored as it should be but by God’s unerring hand we will sacrifice on this damnable altar of pain to speak to act in accordance with their cherished memory that knows no bounds we the keeper of the flame the body grows old but the spirit ever renews. It isn’t cheap tears sorrow the legal tinder you present buying them back from the abyss never wavering you keep their lives not in dark foreboding corridors by sorrowful disdain but in living streams ever coursing. Through knowing and holding to the promise. “I go to prepare a place for you”

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