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It was when the rain start
as my heart skip a beat
I heard yours in triump
Thumping and pumping so fast

You smile mischievously
And sing for me endlessly
Oh!  How hate and love collide
Just like heat after the summer kiss
And the cold breeze of snow flakes bliss
It was all clear to me oh!  How I miss you  badly

Years after years
Decades strike straight through me
Wrinkles and lines visible on my face
As the smell of your perfume filled my nostrils

And now it's my time
To go back to our old days my love
The film of life is done with me
And I'm ready to go free
She always wanted to be
as famous as
Bawling dramatically in the cornfield.
My flip flops stuck
in the oozy mud
as I followed her for safety.

She sobbed on my shoulder during Titanic because she wasn't as beautiful
as Kate Winslet.
The rest of the cinema
gave me funny looks.
Soggy shoulder,
everyone necks craning to listen
to my therapy phrases.
"Sshhh. It's okay.
You're beautiful in a different way".

I never told her that lipstick didn't suit her.
And she still wears it now
on Facebook.
If you think this is you, it probably is.
Doomed into dawn
   with twilight
just another retention as yourself.
A bitter bliss
  and a very sweet sadness all at the same time,
  with it all...
  hand in hand...
Just like us a few moons ago.
My very own bitter-sweet sensation,
   you and I
   'til the very last star in the morning
    accompanied by the living-dying sun.
The joys of new love,
A brand new us...
From dreams to reality filled with memories.
Avery Glows Jul 2014
People moving in
With their suitcases on board
Standing everywhere
Fumbling to their seats.

Yes please.  

Plane flies on the runaway      
Diving into the clouds    
Into a puff of wind                            
and smoke.
We fly.      

I sat unmoved
For the rest of 16 hours.
I thought I had been fossilized.
But I saw it flying    
Us flying to mi casa
Time is rolling backwards
My lips tugging backwards  
No more jetlagging.          
I held on to a light of a hope    
with a lopsided grin.
It's time to say hello
To the land long forgotten
The land with cozy saturday mornings
Where we have dinner at 7pm, not 9.
The land that I long to be in
Where I had been long gone
is 60 minutes apart.

— The End —