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For what it’s worth,

I still think about you at 12:36

When I know that you’re in a different time zone.

Maybe it’s because the hour ahead of us is a constant reminder of how your heart,

despite time and distance, is mine –

like this clock,

like this hurt,

like this longing.

Despite time and space,

it is all mine.


the love remains behind,

with me,

waiting to catch up to the next life,

waiting for reality to stop just for a second,

waiting for a chance just another chance

only to wait again with a better sense of hope.

Maybe I should wait for the next day,

23:11 will come and I’ll wish upon this ****,

this hurt and this longing while you,

at 00:11 will wish upon the stars of a new day.

Hoping today will dawn with the rise of our love

only to realise that there are shams and shackles of could-have-beens

in dusty roads of despair,

bottle tops for pacifiers, balancing the toxins of sorrow

ashed dreams,

and sobs for lullabies –

not your voice for my ears,

not my song for your heart.

Nothing but space and time.
#poetry #reminescing  #heartbreak #love #lose #regret #wishes

Not everything is about you as not everyone is for you
Not every journey will be worthwhile as not every encounter will be memorable
Not every situation will cater for you as life is not tailored
You’ve got your god and yourself, only

And with these two forces comes love, understanding, respect and belief(s)

Those are the only things about this world that you should value and guard with your all
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You may forget the songs that made you dance
but never the moments that gave you the courage
to put away staticity and jump into rhythmic momentum...
Life is music, the rhythm is how we choose to live it
and as you know music is music, no matter the genre...
The trees dance to your madness!*

Dancing, dancing, dancing.
Crashing, falling and collapsing.
They dance to*  **your madness.
This is simply part three of my Storm collection. I just really like relating human reactions to other natural forms. Kindly follow me/share my works for more. :)
"Will you stop smiling already?"
I can't. I'm laughing at life and how momentarily intense it is.

I think that answer might scare some people
Today I'm going to stop loving you.
You are hard to love, but loving you is not hard.
I love the scent of your skin as I lay next to you in bed,
And the way your laughter curls at the ends of your lips,
Then erupts across your face.
I love you even when you don't love yourself.
But my love for you makes me weak.
When your sharp words are filled with anger and wrapped in bitterness,
They pierce through my heart,
I clutch my chest as the air leaves my lungs.
The pain crashes over me in continuous waves,
And I'm trying to keep my head above the water,
But the tears from my eyes are flowing like open flood gates.
And I can no longer see where I'm going, so I collapse,
Into a puddle, still gasping for air.
Work in progress...
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