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Donna Apr 2018
My flipflops got so
happy when I put them on
They kept clapping me

I love my flipflops :)
Donna Jun 2017
Turn into your flip-
flops...enjoy life each day with
a more carefree pace
The older I get the more I realise not to worry so much and just enjoy each day as it come :)
She always wanted to be
as famous as
Bawling dramatically in the cornfield.
My flip flops stuck
in the oozy mud
as I followed her for safety.

She sobbed on my shoulder during Titanic because she wasn't as beautiful
as Kate Winslet.
The rest of the cinema
gave me funny looks.
Soggy shoulder,
everyone necks craning to listen
to my therapy phrases.
"Sshhh. It's okay.
You're beautiful in a different way".

I never told her that lipstick didn't suit her.
And she still wears it now
on Facebook.
If you think this is you, it probably is.

— The End —