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Kewayne Wadley Oct 2018
This isn't a love that can be
Put on speaker phone.
We're far too silly for that.
Easily saying the first thing that
Comes to mind.
One moment to the next,
Stunned slience.
Phone etiquette thrown out the window.
This isn't a love that can be sat down.
Kept between an ear and a shoulder.
The amount of time it takes for someone to leave the room.
Conducted in civil manner.
Attempting not to shout,
Completely losing train of thought.
Not sure of validation,
Our voices raise a bit.
By now you should know we shouldn't have to limit ourselves like that.
Denying a freedom that connects us to whom we truly are.
Our quirks, general weirdness.
The crazy looks from those around.
The laughs that get funnier each moment that passes.
By now you should know that we are the complete definition of crazy.
Often appearing in person,
Before one of us can hang up.
Laughing hysterically,
Continuing the conversation
At any given time or place.
This definately isn't a love that
Can be placed on speaker phone
If we have to applogize for what we say.
Afraid to be who we really are.
Isolated from who we truly are
Elizabeth Brown Oct 2018
A portal to another world,
glass so thick that I'm unsure I'll ever pass through.
There you dwell, constant and incredible,
so close to me,
so far from you.
This window, often changing,
goes with me on my journeys.
In size and shape it varies-
but you remain
Still, what I wouldn't give to pass through
that teasing threshold
and into your warm and waiting arms.
Elizabeth Brown Oct 2018
You, above all else
are a lesson in fate.
What more evidence do I need than my life with you?
We both took a gamble:
a name,
a notification.
A chat left to chance.
Who could have known you'd be so vital?
You are the air that I breathe,
the quiet whispers in the night time
when everything sleeps but us.
How lucky I am
that the universe brought me you.
My boyfriend and I have known each other for 8 years (dated 2) and have never met. We met on IMVU because I liked his hat. I never realized someone so far away could create in me such feelings.
Kyle Enorio Aug 2018
a thousand miles in between
yet thoughts like those of twins
in sync, hearts beating
melancholic, yet a delightful feeling
a fool, but glorious king
Laura Jul 2018
I didn't think you'd come back
I thought I scared you off
I thought you'd found someone else
Found a happier life
But here we are
In your little futon bed
Trying to stifle these
"I miss you" tears
Tears I never thought I'd see
Because you have a ****** stoic heart
And you don't let anyone see you cry
I didn't think your heart would let you say those words
I didn't think your heart would let you feel at all
But seeing you cry
Just made me cry
And seeing me cry
Just made you cry

The whole conversation was ******
By tears I thought I'd never ever see
And emotions I thought you'd never feel
But someone broke the glass
And sand started to pour out
As we wrapped into each other
And became a beach
With waves of tears splashing over each other's bodies
Our emotional sand mixing together
Just a shore of
I love you's
I missed you's
Why did you leave?
You hurt me
I never meant to
Go **** yourself
I never stopped loving you

I never stopped loving you
As I walked up and down the shore
Waiting for you to ******* come back
Waiting for you to give me some answers
As to why you left in the first place
Waiting for you to stop loving me
So I could move on
But instead I kept walking up and down the beach
Looking at our collection of shells
Waiting for you to ******* come back
Laura Jul 2018
I was always cautious about using the L word
The word used after like
The big L
Because you can't take that **** back
Once you say it,
You can't unsay it
You can't unhear it

Then I found the L word
I found him
A milk chocolate man with yummy espresso eyes
A goofy, crooked smile that never quits
Tight, soft curls pushed back in a black mane
And a voice that floats on feathers

I found the L word
In between my fingers where he holds my hand
On the nape of my neck where he kisses me at night
Across my cheeks where he brushes his hand
In my mouth where he feeds me the food he's prepared

I found the L word while I was folding my laundry
While I was making us coffee
While we were talking about everything
While we were doing a puzzle and getting nowhere
While I was scrubbing his back in the shower
While we fell asleep in the summer heat under the heavy blankets

I found the L word at a time when I didn't think I would
In a person who wasn't supposed to love me
But did anyway
Despite it all
Andreas Peter Jun 2018
My steps have gotten lighter
unaccustomed to hardwood floors
It's not that I'm afraid,
don't want to make a noise
Rather, my heels can't seem to settle
and I always feel like dancing
now that I'm finally
just a few steps and through a door
from kissing you
Lily Jun 2018
Are you staying,
Or are you going?
And if you’re going,
How do I make you stay?
Would it make a difference if
I told you how I felt about you,
Told you that I’ve loved you
From the moment I met you?
If I told you how much
I miss you when you’re gone,
How you’re the last thing
On my mind at night,
And the first thing I think of when I wake?
If I told you how when I see you in a dream,
And begin to tell you how much
I care about you, the dream fades,
And I’m left with tear stains on my pillow?
Because if you stay,
I will love you with everything I have,
If you stay,
I will always be there for you,
If you stay,
I will have everything my heart has ever wanted,
But all of this will only happen,
If you stay.
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