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Ozioma Ogbaji  Apr 2015
Ozioma Ogbaji Apr 2015
She left me confused
Did I push her away?
How do I hold on? How do I make her stay?

Like a dying man holding onto his last breath
I hold fast to her
But she slips away in the middle of the night

Yesterday is gone, today is here
Brent  Oct 2017
Brent Oct 2017
Limutin na ang mundo
Forget the world
And its intricacies
Your abusive father
Your good-for-nothing frenemies
Let go of the earth
Reach for the uncertainties

Nang magkasama tayo
I'll be here holding your hand
Reading your fears
In the lines of your palm
While feeling your taken risks
In the spirals of your fingertips

Sunod sa bawat galaw
Let me take the lead
Follow my steps
As we waltz off
From our consciousness
to the chains of the world

Hindi na maliligaw
We'll never be lost
When all miseries will be unknown
Or at least, we'll be lost
In all that is ours

Mundo'y magiging ikaw*
You will be my world
And I hope I'll be yours too
A poem based from the lyrncs of "Mundo" by IV Of Spades. They're a great indie OPM band, if you're not familiar. Check them out!
aquis Aug 29
i lost
what was never meant to be
(in the first place)
Sometimes things (or people) are ‘lost’ or disappear from our life, because they were actually never meant to be there - we just realize that later
pk tunuri  Mar 6
Let Go
pk tunuri Mar 6
Let go your ego's, even if it's tough
Let's just say, that time was rough

Don't break the trust again by playing bluff
End this now, I guess it's enough

It's time to clean up the mess
How long will you take to confess

I'll expect nothing more from you
I know things won’t be same, as I expect to

Still, try & let go your ego's, even if it's tough
Let's just say, that time was rough
Let going your ego might be the toughest part of our lives. But, trust me it's the easiest way to move on.
twenty-six  Sep 28
too soon
twenty-six Sep 28
i wish i knew
the very first time i laid my eyes on you
that love was too good to be true
for it to come between me and you

i wish i knew
the very first time i held hands with you
that those were the hands that i had to let go of
too soon.
My past runs away from me,
It was never to be held back.
To hold onto all the memories,
It’s not the power that I lack.

If you hold on too tight,
The happy turn to despair.
You can never be a full life,
If about the past you’d care.

You’d smile once in a while,
Reading memoirs dated in diaries.
Looking at those pictures,
You’d forget about your worries.

If only the troubles disappeared,
If you shut your eyes .
No matter how rosy the glasses be,
You cannot mend those broken ties.

Let bygones be bygones,
Look back no more and mourn.
You can still write your story,
Even if some pages are torn.
Non  4d
Was it?
Non 4d
I really love you.
And I know that your happy.
But was it wrong?
Wishing you two broke up
And be with me again.
Was it wrong?
Loving you too much until now
Just random thoughts
The past is the past,
let the present be a present for you.
Fully embrace all the bad that has happened just as you fully should embrace all the good.
The hard & dark & painful is what brings most change & growth & strength & development.
Look around at all the things to be grateful for & let the focus on all the negative go.
The past is the past,
let the present be a present for you.
Oct 16 2018

— The End —