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Like Angels, Winged
by Michael R. Burch

Like angels—winged,
shimmering, misunderstood—
they flit beyond our understanding
being neither evil, nor good.

They are as they are . . .
and we are their lovers, their prey;
they seek us out when the moon is full
and dream of us by day.

Their eyes—hypnotic, alluring—
trap ours with their strange appeal;
drawn like moths to flame, we gather . . .
to see, to touch, to feel.

And in their arms, enchanted,
we feel their lips young/old,
and with their gorging kisses—
we warm them, growing cold.

Published by Monumental Moments (Eye Scry Publications), Poetry Life & Times, Behance, Razor Sharp and Dracula & His Kin. Keywords/Tags: vampires, angels, winged, wings, flit, flitting, evil, good, lovers, prey, night, day, moths, flame, appeal, attraction, kisses, warm, cold
Yvonne Nice Apr 2019
With eyes that can strike both fear and awe
and a heart that was forged of gold
A mind filled with wisdom beyond the Library of Alexandra's
and a touch of a mothers love
A hug of a fresh blanket
and a smile of sun rays
A laugh of life
and a ferocious love that envelopes all that are worthy

It is in them that I find solace
from the world and its many ravines
And when I need it most
I can always find them there
It is in them that I bestow trust
as if a chest of ancient relics
And all they have to do is look at me
and I know they'll be safe

I love you, good friend
More than I even know
Overflowing like a flood
with as much force as an earthquake
I shall always be there, my friend
and i'll do anything for you
For you are the most beautiful dragon
and I could never find another
Because in your soul, is a soul like mine
kindred spirits beyond time
And i'll always love you
Even when the moon falls
I'll be your guiding light when you need me
and we shall haunt the lands together
until the end of time

Thank you <3
I love you so much, you're an amazing little bad *** dragon and I have more faith in you than I do myself.
She has leather
Golden locks
And wears plenty of Lace.
The golden heart
Has shown plenty of Grace,
She has earned plenty of days in Shanghai-La
She's even more beautiful at her age
The gypsy sparkles
As she dances
A "white winging dove"
It sounds like "she has been singing"
Music to my heart
Peace Bells are ringing.
Sparkling from her shine
I've been under her sweet spell for years
My midnight dream is clear
How I wish she was mine.
Dedicated To Stevie Nicks. An angel and sweet legend.
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Winged ants’ fly past day.
At its height, wingless all fall;
Willing chicken feed!
Umi Apr 2018
A bird, earthbound, disabled by birth.
Left out, deserted and even made fun of by the others, because it was not just different, it was also not capable to do what they ever did,
Taking off into the azure of the wonderful heaven, the sky far above,
A tasteless sight of a rainy day, brought from the drought of emotions
A fate, to never take off, unless he finds another to be his other half,
Broken loneliness, dancing in the loitering darkness of their life, infinite shades of punishment, fear and  envy embellished in his soul,
Looked down upon, yet determinded, hopeful of what the future may hold, two single winged herons might be able to melt within love,
Darling, blood flows through the veins of fate, are you my lovebird, the one I'll finally spread the one wing I have with and fly, far away?
Let us melt, like no others have until we are unable to feel alone, dear
So don't be shy, experience the grand beauty of the heavens above with me, after all we are two peas in a ***, crushed by the same fate.
Kiss me now, take off with me, so we may fly through the embrace of the sun which is shining, with every cloud and their silver lining,
It will be alright, Darling

~ Umi
Stanley Mungai Oct 2017
The sunset calling birds home
And winged creatures to rise.
Bidding earthlings farewell,
Arousing the next hemisphere to light.
Home coming to us,
Tugging our beings to freedom.
My existence hunches on the surge of homeostasis,
Peeking through botany and paralyzed life.
These skeletons are coated with flesh, fluid, and cells,
An integument the size of my being in spitting distance,
Admitting natural flaws with debeaked drains and
Demonstrating actual emotion with rearranging face.
Narrow wings without sails are flapping noodled,
Desperately escaping living reality into paradise
In the black eyes which can travel with no hesitation,
Development always unfulfilled at clipped appendages.
An ordinary watcher devours the ghost souls in limbo;

Gravity      allows a wallflower               to soar away                         through                                              diverse emptiness.
Dark Jewel Oct 2014
Holy angel kiss.
Knife to your throat,
A spell.

Magical powers,
Wringing out prowess.
Super nova to Spare.

Magical Being,
Sorcerer, Dark One, Witch.
A twirl of her red fingers,
Spells mischief.

Young Witch scorned.
Scolded by mortals,
Mortalities breath.

Magical Witch,
Beautiful and ****** is she.
That of a Puma.
Hiding in the sea.

In the sea of people,
She awaits her turn.
To cause a Nightmare,
To bring fear to burn.

Magical Being,
Sinead Wool.
Spreads her wings,
Tricking the Angels..
Solely roaming,
Solely flowing,
Slowly transcending,
Slowly ascending.

Where do those pretty wings belong?
On the sides of skulls.

Lifting our mind state,
Leading us
To the land of winged skulls.

There's a brain in a bowl who says so.

Only drifting
Behind gates with thee,
Receiving symbols.

Your eyes dilate,
Someone's head is hung over,
Bludgeoned by stones.

There's a brain in a bowl that says so.

Where do those pretty wings belong?
On the sides of skulls,

Lifting your mind state,
Leading you
To the land of winged skulls.

There's a brain in a bowl that says so.

(c) 2014 Brandon Antonio Smith

(Originally written 10/27/10
Revised 9/27/14)

— The End —