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Allissa Clifton Feb 2019
I fall in love with possibilities, probabilities,  and potential
You’re reality and the reasons to love scare me into a sleep
Dreaming of all the possibilities it could go wrong
I fall in love with them too
PPP by Kevin Roland  is a song I love to listen to when everything becomes too overwhelming, it has a certain vibe that makes all the wrong possibilities seem not so enormous. Also I have a really big thing about seeing the potential in people whether good or bad and bacing stuff off of that instead of what is before me.
Alex McQuate Oct 2018
Townes crooning to my fevered head,
As I'm cast through a mindscape of love and hatred,
Shame and pride,
Sailing one great hallucination,
As if on a new rollercoast track,
Smoother than a ball bearing rolling across oiled glass.

Hooked by the hopeless story as it is told,
Of a curse laid upon those who have sight,
To see what lied in the fog and impenetrable,
Those vile machinations that they had laid.

Throat going dry as the mind burns and fills the burnt remains with cotton,
Time stretches out ahead,
A weight settling in behind the eyes.

The addict's words have such a painful splash across the airwaves,
it taking my fuzzy self a few moments that it isn't just Zandt's voice in the fray with a whirlwind of guitar strokes,
but a lonely harmonica,
That is his words droning through such a fabled instruments.

The walls warble with the tune,
The flag flutters into sight line as lungs are filled deep and shudder.

A controversial documentary plays as Zevon hammers upon the piano,
A crescendo of a warriors tale,
The old days of Rhodesia as it sung out like a beacon of the colonial world,
Right or wrong isn't my right to determine,
For I wasn't there,
Which brought back the last old guns of an even older world,
An age of adventures and thrills,
Unknown danger and reward.

As I think I settle back into the normal,
I look out and see only a half hour has passed,
And the fever is still burning strong.
Captain Trips Mar 2015
as 'The Dark Tower' was King's "magnum opus"
it had an ending worth dwelling on.
and now he suffers over
not writing about Roland
as I continue to suffer over
having to write about you.

As if you were my "greatest achievement of an artist or writer"
I voluntarily chose not to move on,
long since alone under the covers.
I think back and remember when
you showed me how to forget lovers.

Yet as I practice the simple techniques
that you painstakingly taught me,
I can't help but remember
I'm trying to forget you.
Notes (optional)

Sydney Ann Dec 2014
Ye are not alone
Hear me, If ye will,
For I too have become one of the last of my kind
And my world falls apart
Just as thine own
And though we chase not the same Tower,
They are but one

Yes, Charyou Tree, come reap
I too have given up everything for my Tower
And if they knew,
They would demand I renounce my precious tower
But ka like the wind
Carries me forward
And I believe you understand
Why I know
I will draw
My last breath
On the path of the beam
The Dark Tower, written by Stephen King
(Unless you have read, you will never know)

— The End —