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Indigo Morrison Apr 2019
love today looks like
Balance & Composure
and a little bit of The Maine
some Jhene Aiko
and Jessie Ware.
it looks like letting myself feel everything,
but staying silent.
all these questions
that will never have answers.
all this holding when the middle is empty.
today I am dressed in red,
feeling blue.
wishing i tried to put on lipstick.
the black rose Apr 2018
the world's a ******* mess
its gone to ****
and i am every bit apart of it
i may have started it.
try to find a greater shade
to be the way
to lead the way
i need the way
teach me the way.

the worlds a ******* mess there is no love
we need the love
we need to love.
show us your love, or how to love.
show us to care, we need you here.
show us the light inside of us,
give me the light to shine for us.
the worlds a ******* mess
its gone to ****
is this what you planned for us?
do you look down on us?
don't frown on us,
we are so lost.
we need your guidance.
we need confidence.
as we try to find a brighter side
to an elevated higher side.
its out of sight,
give us a sign.
wish i would go back
can i go back to no one?
can i go back to nothing?
my life's a ******* trip,
it makes me sick
im jaded, i hate it.
hate that im faking it,
as slow as im taking it.

can i love without losing?
how do i live without bruising?
no pretending, no delusion.
sweet, sweet oblivion.
inspired by jhene aiko's oblivion.
Kim Yu Jun 2015
Why aren't you smiling, while the whole world is smiling?
In this lovely day why aren't you shining?
Obstacles on your way but even fowls are crossing.
Instead of smiling why are always cursing
the world and her natural ways of judgment.
Life is full of jubilance, why the resentment?
Understand that life is the most wonderful element,
Rich and nourishing, each day lived is a divine fulfilment.
Why aren't you smiling when you should be rising?
Why are you still going backwards, forward is where you should be heading,
You should be smiling even when everything seems to be falling,
Smile each day, life is awesome and worth living.

*"Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero"
Live today and worry not about tomorrow.
*Inspired by Jhene Aiko - W.A.Y.S*
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
It is easy

to just be

I am easy.
life is easy.
if you know
how to see

& I want to let
the whole world see...
how they can float on life,
                            *simple as a breeze.

You flounder,
we wander,
in what is meant to be.
I say it because it is truth,
I say it because it is what eye sees.

If I could, I would
give to my old self,
what I have in me.

But I can't,
and you can
take all my wealth
from me....
4:44 PM
there's really no real,
there's really no pretending
cause nothing really is
and everything really isn't.
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
You are more enlightened
than you believe,
it lies inside you
beside lies
you try to

You hide from the truth
about you
meaning you hide from

But here we are
wrapped up
and it's hard
to not be
that you don't
see what
you are
I want to
Jazmine Moore Apr 2014
Mesmerizing glory.
Snowflakes falling down on us like old memories.
One touch, and you're frozen.
Not because of the hate,
but because of the love.
Sadness is intertwined in our fingertips.
Three words. Eight letters.
I love you.
The words will forever hold true but the fear of them keeps them inside of us.
I cannot bring myself to understand why people are so afraid to love.
Demolishing demons dancing upon bare bodies at night while young women and young men are spending more time on physical interaction than emotional satisfaction.
Satisfied with lusting one's surface is something I can't comprehend,
I'd rather love your core.
My appetite is growing because I'm starving for your soul as if I hadn't had a meal in months..
and to be honest, I haven't.
Because no matter how much I eat, I can't seem to get full.
And no matter how much I drink, i still thirst for more of your mind, your body, and your soul.
I may have lost someone who didn't love me,
But you lost someone who truly loved you.
I am done searching for the light at the end of the tunnel because I have discovered God in the darkness.
I loved you at your darkest.
Slowly flicking a switch to find the bulb had blown out,
I loved all of you..
and all of you loved it.
Reciprocation is all I pray for at night and as day break arose,
I found myself loving the darkness once again.

— The End —