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Julie Grenness Mar 2016
Earth invents gifts,
On life forms,  there's no thrift,
Earth the inventor,
Are humans the predators?
We've wrecked habitats,
Even our own, that's that!
But more Earth inventions,
New form of populations,
Earth always inventing,
Innovations designing,
What's the  best invention?
Is man an aberration?
Once a Garden of Eden,
Life we're superseding,
Still, on life forms there's no thrift,
Earth keeps inventing gifts.
Feedback welcome.
aniket nikhade Jan 2016
The problem is that the problem still remains there
Always it's important to know the root cause of any problem
Understand it and understand properly
Understand the exact nature of the problem.

Understand exactly where the problem lies and what exactly is the problem at present.
Once understood,
then try to study and also understand the nature of problem.

Definitely in the present moment of time the problem is that the problem still remains there as it is.

Innovations and innovative thinking will definitely not solve the problem, will also not bring the much needed change.

Extreme situations need extreme measures to be taken similarly,
in the same way complex situations need perseverance and analytical thinking.

Agreed that things change,
new things happen in life,
but also agreed upon the fact that an individual becomes an experienced individual only and only when same old mistakes are not repeated.

So smile to make things feel light and easy,
but also always keep in mind,
always better to sort out a complex problem rather than taking a new,
different route and starting somewhere along the line all over again.

Time runs fast and so does a situation and it’s nature that changes
So always act according to the need of hour
Act in the present keeping in mind everything with regards to the present.

Initially take small steps making sure that every step taken is done keeping in mind the fact that anyhow in the end it’s important to reach to the destination.

Obstacles will come along the way,
obstacles will be handled,
but time will always play a very crucial role.

So never lose hope nor faith
Keep going,
see to it that after experiencing the highs and lows of life,
time now to start again,
all over again,
something new,
keeping in mind all the experiences from past.

Definitely an experience comes along with time,
experiences enrich life when lessons learnt from those experiences come to rescue in need of hour.

— The End —