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Mark Wanless Oct 2018
claws scratch upward
an instinct of breath -
deep water mouse
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Just few

And the last, but
Most trustworthy
The Pain
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Pain is the strength, it teaches how to grow above it.
Ant Sep 2018
I have a light in the background,While being surrounded by darkness
I take a look in the mirror
I see a shadow of me
Asking myself what was it those people seen in me to make them believe in me.
Where’s that potential??
I try my best to hold on to my dreams just to keep me sane
sometimes I do want to say **** it.
But remember what you trained your mind set to be.
A warrior
Yeah you fell relying on nothing but your instinct.
A lone wolf
This is the real world
You got to pick yourself up and try again.
But this time make sure it doesn’t happen again
Never allow yourself to fall to where you are relying  on nothing but instinct. Because all that is insecurities.
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018
I had a-

think it

Nevermind your own business
sever ties with your instincts
every time they aren’t in sync
efforts grinding you empty

knee **** reactions
screams turn so placid
it seems the world is plastic
and ceases further advancement
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
Never trust on
The outer reflections
Yes-to-Yes compliments

Never you will be wrong
If identify vibration of
The inner instinct

Let patience do the rest
Keep watching till the time
When we will witness
Skin shedding

Otherwise We don’t judge people
Their vibration let us
Whom to keep distance
Whom to get close
Genre: Rational
Theme: Vibes
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
Death is just the beginning.

A mother’s natural instinct, a sixth sense and premonitions.
Surely this can’t all just be a coincidence?
Surely this proves, there’s more than meets the eye?
Surely this proves, we had a past life?
Maybe nobody actually dies and floats away into the sky.

Maybe we’re all reincarnated, again and again;
Just as Buddha, would have us believe.
So if we did become, enlightened like him,
Surely then, that would mean,
We are cheating death, by knowing of reincarnation
And surely we shouldn’t fear our final destination.

For when we die, we shall come back alive;
But no-one is willing to believe this, in case it is a lie.
But we should have no fear of the afterlife;
For if it is final, then that shall just be the end of the line.

If Buddha was right and he did walk into the light,
Then death should not be feared, maybe it should be embraced.
For when we die, it’s only the end of this life.
Another chance, to try to become enlightened
And when we have learned, what we are meant to know;
Maybe then, we shall reach our Heaven.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey May 2018
Happy feet walk away.

Instinct tells you that you are right.
Doubts cast aside.
Do, or do not try.

If you can, then why not love?
If you have already given up,
Or never believed anyway,
Then that is okay.
Good luck.

You and I are not the same;
We read a similar script, but we are on a different page.
With age comes meaning, enlightenment.
Money is there to be spent.

If you are saving for a rainy day;
Welcome to England…save away.
Young people; go enjoy your life.
Old people do not listen to change.

People my age, congratulations!
You think you have it so great!
You think you know so much.
I know that I know nothing about love.  You trust,
People to never be trustworthy.
I trust enough for love to hurt me.
Happy feet are only ever seen,
Walking away from me.

I am at a point in my existence,
Where I do not have the time for your idle pretense.
Just say it clearly, what do you want?
Time is short, so fall in love and need to be loved!...

Or simply get to being gone.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Pagan Paul May 2018
Aimlessly wandering
   with a feeling of agitation,
      caught somewhere between
         browsing with interest
            and prowling with intent.

Distressed and unsettled
   like anticipating trauma,
      mooching with an emotion
         that something is imminent
            yet its nature remains veiled.

The horizontal line defines a stability and yet,
it has started to list off to one side.
Tiny perforations promise fragmented logic
by osmosis revealing the storm implied.
The tap of excitable energy is dripping slow
threatening balance with a flood rip tide.
Empathy walks with the expectant father pacing
and coils of despair knot so deep inside.

A nervous anxiety
   grips psychology and waits,
      caught somewhere between
         bleak submissive acceptance
            and stark ***** panic.

© Pagan Paul (22/05/18)
dspoetry May 2018
I wish that the first time I spoke to you,
I had one hand wrapped around the leather strap
tethered to my dog's collar,
instead of leaving her home to worry
and allowing my hands the
freedom to tear myself apart in
front of you
because finally tearing myself down
felt like a wonderful thing to do.

I wish I'd had her with me
because she has always been
the one more likely to trust her gut
and warn people like you to stay away.

I wish I'd had her with me,
because I know that she would not
have let you take a single step towards me
even if I wanted to let you close.

I still remember the way you would
sweat nervously
at the thought of my hanging around with
my friends who did not like you.
If you were so worried about them,
I am sure you would have been all the more
terrified of her.
Not because she would bite you,
not because she is dangerous.
But because she is not fooled as easily as me.
She would have sensed the danger,
pulling me farther away
than was comfortable for you to imagine.

I say this not to be cruel,
but rather to speak out loud
a thought which has
fluttered through my mind all day,
the corners of my lips curved
in my own quiet amusement.

My dog wouldn't have liked you very much.
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