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One morning

I didn't wake up

And all of a sudden

The world fell in love with me
  Mar 9 ImpliedLines
Lick my lips
Cradle my face
Gaze into my eyes
And tell me I'm safe
  Mar 9 ImpliedLines
Jon York
I like the
kind of people
      that get
  excited over
the stars at night.

                                                                                          Jon York    2019
ImpliedLines Mar 9
As you sit next to them and think...
As you walk and are at your happiest...
As you stand in the street alone...
As you go to YOUR -
No, OUR-
-Place; you feel it more now than ever...the pull in your heart
I don’t need to tell you what you feel.
I don’t need to give you a ending and finish your story.
You’ve already thought of one...
  Feb 26 ImpliedLines
I'm scared to see
What lies beyond these doors
The gate to my future
Whats in store?

I'm scared to let go
Of my high school freedom
Graduation is near
Times passing like the seasons

I'm scared to know
What reality has to offer
I'm not at all prepared
I'm like a lamb to the slaughter

I'm scared to find out
Which of my friends will stay
Who are the real ones
And which ones will fade

I'm scared to hold
All the power of my life
Making such a crucial choice
Cutting through me like a knife

I dont want to be scared
Of what I have now
I want to enjoy life
I'm not exactly sure how

I'll think about my future
And all that is to come
When reality comes knocking
By then I'll be done

Change will happen
Slowly throughout time
I'll take it as it comes
Dont stress in the meantime

I won't be scared.
  Feb 25 ImpliedLines
it came out of your mouth
and sketched onto my skin like the scars I've collected

as heavy as my name
I had no choice but to carry it

it sprouted from the darkness
but I grow in the light

you gave me the word but I'll give you the definition
ImpliedLines Feb 25
The song starts of slow
My heart floods with an emotion only god knows what
His voice is low and southing
I can't help but wonder
Just what kind of spell this song had me under.
To be able to listen to it day or night, weather it's dark or light.
It makes me feel safe and washes all my worries away.
Jensen Ackles version of Simple Man is what I live for.
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