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Shayn Powell Apr 2018
the yellow brick  road
into the sunset we go
blinded by the light
Haiku poem, very 1st one i've written.
Kmo Mar 2017
Sitting under a tall, rigid pinetree
Staring at God's everlasting piece of art
Brings euphoria to a restless and broken heart.
Chirayu Writer Apr 2016
I Don't Believe in love at
First line, not the second line
takes me to the third....
Zoë Bestel Jan 2015
sometimes i wonder
if i too am flying at
counterfeit flowers
kRose Nov 2014
Months go by and the
seasons change, but the lust for
you remains the same.
kRose Nov 2014
And this wandering
soul will not know where home is
until it's found you.
To the person I will one day marry,
this ones for you.
kRose Nov 2014
Inches from your skin
and all I felt was the want
to melt into you.
RA Sep 2014
The only thing worse
Than hearing a child gasp
If only to breathe-

Parents' hushed whispers
Tucked away in dim corners
'Whose turn is it now.'
July 28, 2014
1:25 AM

Dedicated to Sonja, who helped me find my voice once more.
Dedicated, but never about.
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