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Jun Lit Jun 10
Go, leave it behind.
Cast away painful mem’ries.
Hope springs eternal.
Inspired by sights of exuviae (cast skins) of cicadas in the Makiling Forest Reserve in April-June 2019.
Jun Lit Sep 6
Simplicity bloomed
Silent scents lured fly fairies
Where ground orchids rule.
Jun Lit Jun 5
Our world’s much disturbed.
All that’s left hangs by a thread.
A view of sadness.
Jun Lit Jun 17
Tiny springtails jump
As mites haste, return the keys
Where all life begins.
Jun Lit May 6
Cicadas sing love
Chants of Gregorian tenors.  
Nature’s selections.
Note: Only male cicadas sing, to court females, aggregate and/or advertise territories.
Jun Lit Apr 22
Earth makes silken webs.
Break one strand, you break the rest.
Humans’ fate is sealed.
Commemorating Earth Day 2019
Jun Lit Apr 11
Trees win life’s struggles
Bats feeding, fireflies swarming.
Humans find meanings.
Jun Lit Apr 5
Home of ghosts, folks fear
But I find flies, wasps, bugs dear.
Diversity’s here.
Jun Lit Apr 2
Uninvited one . . .
You stayed, rooted, hugged so tight.
Strangled life gave life.
Jun Lit Mar 29
Woody vine’s poor friend
Gave all up for Beauteous end.
Nature’s investment.
Inspired by my seeing blooms of Rafflesia lagascae, a rare parasitic plant, that depends entirely on a wild woody vine called Tetrastigma, on Mount Makiling in Laguna, Philippines
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