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Jun Lit Nov 3
See clouds through branches  
No leaves block the clear blue sky
Once there loved a tree.
Jun Lit Nov 2
Crawled from ‘Coal-bearing’
Outlived T-rex tyrant king
The Humble survives.
Jun Lit May 30
Daydreams neath your crown
There young Tarzan mimics swung
I struck my first gold.
Dedicated to an Indian rubber tree planted in front of the Biological Sciences Building (LB Uichanco Hall) in the University of the Philippines Los Baños, from where I collected the type specimens of my first new species of mealybug.
Jun Lit Apr 5
Your elegance popped
right in the midst of nowhere
Awe's frozen me here.
Jun Lit Dec 2019
Tonight's our longest
And patiently we're waiting.
Tomorrow's Sun peeps.
Jun Lit Oct 2019
Butterflies are guides
Where trees cheer and air is fresh.
Our navels point there.
Jun Lit Feb 8
Seabeds prop Old Rocks.
Plants are shawls of Ancient Walls.
Spell serenity.
Jun Lit Jun 2019
Go, leave it behind.
Cast away painful mem’ries.
Hope springs eternal.
Inspired by sights of exuviae (cast skins) of cicadas in the Makiling Forest Reserve in April-June 2019.
Jun Lit Sep 2019
Simplicity bloomed
Silent scents lured fly fairies
Where ground orchids rule.
Jun Lit Jun 2019
Our world’s much disturbed.
All that’s left hangs by a thread.
A view of sadness.
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