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Instrumental Link
( Wait for the beat drop )

Hmmm.. let's see
Like honeycombs and honeybee's
Candyman.. is really not that
scary.. to me
And what are you perpetuating
the Lore
Or should I say..
The lie for anyway
Like a game of hang-man overplayed
That's an over-hang
Yo that smoke & mirror is
kinda lame
While taking a couple of shots at
Bløody Mary
Mary Jane
For she is also.. really not that scary
if you ask me
And what are you screaming for
or screening for
If you can't play the role or the
part more
So allow me to flip script like I just switched scripts
Jumping the fence parkour
Cause I'm known for
Breaching defenses
Leaving them defenseless
Poking the sleeping bear a little more intentively
I'm like a mad man who's fencing
Only wearing this mask for the sake of the mission
Cause underneath I'm well visioned
That means focused
And just in case you didn't notice
I'm probing
Always looking for postings of
pre-cog-Ignition or premonitions
and honorable mentions of
verbal-decor depiction mind inventions
Yo I'm not even religious or superstitious
It's just my God-given spiritual intuition that's
Kick'n in
So don't get mad at me
Or come at me all sideways
trying to @ me
So if I just happen to..
Raise your
Then it
Just means..
You paid
Freestyle venting or ranting or whatever you want to call it ( by the way for those who don't know @ means ( at ) or to come at someone viciously ) And also, I'm sure everyone knows about Bløody Mary and the mirror and the fear that drives the legend. But for those who don't know about Candyman his story is very similar. I don't want to get too deep into the lore, but there are two movies based on the original story. There's the original made in 1992 and then a reboot / remake done earlier this year
she's a substitute for the real thing,
she doesn't exist
SA Szumloz Aug 2020

Autumn rises from the ashes of Summer
Trees grow barren, flowers die away
As the chill grabs the guiltiest sinner
She awakes without delay.

She is adorned in Autumn leaves
Her wings are dusted with gold
She lives in the hollows of trees
As what I've been told.

If you listen closely, little one
You can hear her cheery laughter
Filling the hearts of the young
As la Luna grows fatter.

Close you eyes and dream
Believe, believe, believe.

Fall is just around the corner. That means more writing material! I get more inspiration from the cold than from the warmth. Is that just me?
GRAVE27 Aug 2020
I've been her before
Long time ago
Saving those lore
But no one ask me more

I wasn't the only one
There are others before me
Who turns word to wand
To be powerful as they may be

I've always one to believe
That writings tells story
That beyond these reef
There's something I should see
Val Vik Jan 2017
я пережила чёрные ночи моей души
и воспламенилась со звуком рева!
я сгорела из жерла вулкана!
с силой вод и с духом огня:
я трансформировалась! я возрадилась!
наконец то я своя!

вновь я независима от земли и неба!
моё сердце: целитель своей вселенной!
мой живот: выносливость страданий!
мой дух: воин от негативного свойства!
моя кожа: ювелирное украшение мира!
я очищена вибраций изумрудов,
кристаллов, и всех минералов!
someone once told me

-long before when i used to play music so loud
so loud to help keep the whispers at bay
      the monsters hidden within
            the unanswered questions, doubts, unanswered,

that to be able to appreciate music,
lower the volume, take it in, softly, gently, and
hear it calmly.

but then,
        the whispers
            the monsters
                the unanswered questions

 ­  are louder, s c r EA mIng,
                   loud, louder than

     the heartb e a t,
       dum, dumdum, dum.....
                    too soft.... too..

i wanted to, but i can't hear the soft music in the screaming of what's within.
Paul Butters May 2020
Where life exists
You often find a carpet
Of grass or moss or whatever.
And in sacred groves and forests
You will find
The tree.

The tree: nature’s skyscraper,
Deep roots, hard bark and leafy canopy:
Linking the Underworld to The Heavens.
Looming beauty my words can but strive
To describe.

A tree can live for many an age,
Legends about it, even longer.
Since ancient times the tree has been revered.
The Norse People had Yggdrasil:
A cosmic tree linking many worlds.
Comprehend the Eastern Indian Kalpavriksha –
A jewel of a wish fulfilling tree.
The Peace Tree of the American Iroquois,
And many more.

In West Africa the Oubangui People plant a tree
Whenever a child is born.
The Bible tells of the Tree of Life
And the Tree of Knowledge
Growing there
In The Garden of Eden.

Bow to the Tree Goddess.
Bow to The Tree
Bow to its sturdy bough.

Our tree is home
To many a creature
Nymphs and Dryads too

A skyscraper indeed,
Full of life
Safe in its shade
Some behind walls
Of solid wood.

We lose ourselves
Just looking
At that tangle
Of twisting branches
Spiny twigs and clouds of leaves.
Will it stoop over
And pick us up
With its enormous

Or will it just keep playing us
A lullaby
With that whistling wind?  

Oh Tree,
You show such grandeur,
Goddess-like indeed:
Shaken by gales
Yet not disturbed
We trust.

Long Live The Tree –
Even giving us
The air we breathe.
Let your branches spread
While you reach ever upward –
A towering spire.

Paul Butters

© PB 26\5\2020. With due credit to Wikipedia.
I love trees.
Kathryn Apr 2020
It is cold tonight,
leave a saucer of sweet-milk
out for the fairies.
I had a deep love for Irish folklore <3 My mother believed in fairies and if I'm honest I hope they're real. So I write them little love poems and maybe someday they'll let me dance with them.
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