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rose Jun 2020
"I can't breathe." - George Flloyd

"I don't have a a gun, stop shooting!" -Michael Brown

"What are you following me for?" -Trayvon Martin

"...." -Jonathan Ferrell

"I love you too." -Sean Bell

Stop. Killing. Innocent. People.
black lives matter
ConnectHook Sep 2015

Finish the crackers --- grab a smoke . . .
of Ferguson my muse will sing.
A call to arms --- God’s fires to stoke;
let Truth and Freedom ring!

Take to the streets; avenge this wrong
and hasten the end of racist rule.
Justice, though it may tarry long
will find its target in the duel.

Young Michael Brown, like all true saints
found himself craving Swisher Sweets.
He robbed a store, whose camera paints
impartial portrait. In the streets

the thief refused to be detained
and so threw off police restraint.
Though sin escaped, the Law remained
and made a martyr of this saint.

The agitators did their thing:
inflaming thugs to smash and loot,
while racists baited hooks, to string
the press. Officials followed suit.

Angels, although not always kind,
do not display this attitude –
aware of how the police mind
responds to such ingratitude.

We ought to thank the police force
for showing mercy under stress.
The culprit chose a foolish course
and made a God-awful mess.

Prince Michael met ignoble fate
(that ghetto-Christ, that righteous youth)
His sacrifice in vain --- though great,
could not impede the march of Truth.

Ferguson, our eyes turn towards you . . .
are you now able to admit
while reality rewards you
that looting and lying ain’t ****?
¡ Hypocrite readers -  I salute you !
almost a thousand have read this immortal screed and not ONE of you
dares to LIKE it. Poetic wusses all. Social Justice is on the way.
☻ ?  ☻
Farosty Aug 2015
Won’t the real Charlie please stand up
And put one of those pencils in each hand up

Je suis Charlie too, but Charlie bit me
And for that they rip me
They want to get rid of me

But I’m not them
And they’re not us
But we’re all one
So don’t count up

Put those hands down
We don’t need to see another case of Michael Brown
Yes, protest
But protest with peace
And take the jobs of those you wish you could leash

Give emotions rest
Love is the best defense
Sethnicity May 2015
Off guard on duty the snowflake knew time to waste
Its unknowing decent cataract rapid acidic proletariat
Less than perspicacious a red hand to the case,
No longer judicious a domino race

My words are **** ashes fertilizing the world wide wind
More of us make less of them
but they bombastic at the power within
We all possess the power to sin

Tell me something true as I lament the news.
Billie war Holidays sing song me the blues
Hands shoot in the air guns clap on the beat
Future sigh in despair old vote with their feet
Factors of fear multiplied without receipt
So you can't exchange the Unknown for something concrete.
Afraid for our lives while we wither away humanity
circumventing diaspora in the name of the low and no holds bar

The cross exam I mag I nation
no accountability when
Severing and Projecting
The streets.

Is all pomp and circumstance  
Ignorance in defeat?
because American apathy is a golden gutter
lining the highways of hope and justice.

The great black hope
driven to equivocal ends
The magisterial mountain way
Waved inundation of political bends

There are no u turns OK
home of the straight and narrow
Wed with the freedom ring
Blistered by the oil we use to butter bread

what can we say we
learned from the best
it's intoxicated
intercontinental intelligence

One man's pain is another man's pleasure.
By what other means can we rationalize and measure?
I didn't make the rules We did
Don't just vote cut throat

Over calculated the complexity of human habit
by underestimating the simplicity of evol u tion.
Chopped and ******* time over and over waited
ya head hangs low Soci ally Osc illated

So heavy   it's a wonder
these words  don't    black hole
through   gravity  and bull licks
baby daddy bell tolls

He would bend Time
taking mother place
to place
paycheck to paycheck

Hindu prayer cloths

Hailing  uncle Sam  and  the oil man
2 lend a hand,     job,     or a plan
**** only getting noticed

by the
under educated yet
over- privileged
college dropout

offering tea and sympathy
cause limping ain't easy,
and    systemic negligence
is   public enemy   # 1...

The only explosion
to fear is the sun.
We are **** dust
in the lung

When all is said and dung,
All lives matter
like helium
and radon

Exp  lo ding  in Uni son
Sys tem Ic  Ra ce Ism
Eyes hyper-focused on the finger
and the wind cried boom a rung
I write because I read, I read to get it right, Reed into everything my friend.
Consider the cascading of events that brings us back around again and again...
Mad at the piper but the cause is forgotten in the effects.
Frecky Rosa Mar 2015
6"4 Vs 6"4.
Arms Vs Hands.

Stole cigarettes.
Being Black was his crime.

Justice was colorblind.
The color of a White bruise appeared
redder than the blood of a Black body.

Dear Humans, what color did you see?
SRS Nov 2014
Young soul
on the verge of growth
with a dream, with dreams
you can't even see
but you're told you can reach
told you can be anything...

but only within your boundaries

Young misguided soul
in such a cruel world
you're left to discover
all the dark secrets
and all the worlds demons
after being raised to believe
that this is the land of the free
I guess this was a little inspired by the uproar of protesting due o the Michael Brown case. I can't help but hope the world begins to change more, its not as bad as it used to be but Its not as good as it should be.
Chaos Nov 2014
I'm angry and upset
I can't understand this
What is wrong with people?
Can't we all just get along?
Can't we look past colour
and exist in harmony?
Why does it always end
In gunshots and death?
Where is all the love?
Where is all the hope?
People scared to go out
Children scared to live
This should not be happening
And yet *it is

— The End —