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someone gave me car
saying ,"you can drive far
and seeing new facts"

i thanked and said," mercy
the driving car is as the herat's woman inddeed
you might see it is easy to read

finally, you found her hard to know
i prefer to go wide, as i had gained
lost my hearts times, for some reasons i tried

to explain and show how it was tied
my heart to the failure down without reason to be explained
my friend was so lame

he brought my pervious lover into it
and argued me to go for a moment
when i saw her in it
i drove it without any late
the herat always keeps love into it. The man's proud tries to cancel it
the fact is the love still control our minds
Amy Duckworth Oct 2018
The most painful goodbyes
Are the ones that are,
Not said;
Or explained
Eleanor Sep 2018
It’s like I’m sitting, watching a love scene in a movie where teens are driving and swimming and laughing and I'm immersed and enjoying it, but then the harsh, violently, fluorescent lights behind me turn on and the director yells “Cut!” and my brain is hijacked by a new reality of fake, lonely, nothingness.
That is depression.
Dom Mar 2018
I don't know what you want me to say.
How do i explain every way that i could possibly love you.
How do i explain the things that captivated my heart, that are apart of you.
How do i explain that the way your eyes glow remind me of the feeling of freedom that i first felt when i looked into your eyes.
Or how trouble was written in your smile and it gave me a feeling of excitement that I've felt never before.
How do i explain that the way you touch me doesn't give me butterflies in my stomach but warmth in my heart and sparks left after your touch.
What about the coldness that i feel at night when you are not around and home is no longer home.
How do i explain such things to you by using the words that come out of my lips.
If it is not said, you will not believe me, but if i write an essay of all of the things i love about you, will you then believe my explanation of all the love i have for you?
This is for you Isabella
Äŧül Jul 2017
It needs an offer indeed.

An offer of a better life,
Bettered with choosing love,
Choice of a wise dear partner,
Dearest be that earnest one,
Earning more than just filthy money,
Filth of loneliness be glowed away,
Glow of love I herewith mean,
Hereto in love's inventive embrace,
Invent they together do just happiness,
Justified are my sacrifices in knightly manner,
Knightly in shining armour of lovely feelings,
Lovely days will descend more lightly,
More than anything else I need love,
Needful of your own love,
Own my heart you do with that pulling force,
Pulling it up towards your queer self,
Queer for me you are definitely more rightly attractive,
Rightly I demand your hand in sweet desperation,
Sweetly sitting in my mouth like my teeth 32,
Teeth - your teeth I have for them the utmost love,
Utmost importance I give to your voice always,
Voice of your adolescence and as I remember when we talked,
We had lengthy conversations which were x-rayed then,
X-rayed with the help of your own,
Your love is what I will long for after reaching the zenith higher,
Zenith of success calls me and how?
My HP Poem #1644
©Atul Kaushal
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
If anyone hires you for good ,                                                                                 It means you are still in a good position ,but                                                         If anyone hires you for bad ,                                                                                   It means you will get yourself in trouble ...                                                           Help wanted is either                                                                                               For good or for bad ...                                                                                              If anyone needs you ,then                                                                                        He will automatically hire you for good ,but                                                         If someone does not need you ,then                                                                         He will not hire you ...        Life teaches us many lessons and                                                                       One of them is displayed as                                                                                Never kneel down to any job                                                                              Simply because if they need you ,then                                                              They will inevitably hire you ...

— The End —