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Eefs Jungmann Feb 2017
With your hand in mine, I feel safe
With your arms around me, I feel warm
With your look at me, I feel strong
With your finger's caress, I feel fragile
With your kiss, I feel wanted

With your everything, I feel me
Without you, I feel **worthless
Hey everybody, deepest apologies for being so behind. Mad to think it's been two years since my last post but hopefully this is worth it. Hoping 2017 is better than 2016, to say the least unless your 2016 rocked. As always, feel free to message, give feedback etc or whatever you see fit-
E x
Savannah Lee May 2014
I know I was taking YOUR sweet time,
To make sure you were MINE.
But I couldn't find your heart and where it lies.
And trust me I've cried,
More, oceans than the world hides...
But you don't understand, and won't be my man so you divide.
MORE than just RED and BLUE,
My heart in two, yeah it's ******* true!
I can be the fool,
But try to KEEP cool,
Just for YOU to play me like you do.
I'm so tired of my own tears because you ain't got no fears,
Of losing me.
Because you know I stick around no matter how many state's are surrounding us,
Or far in between.
BECAUSE all you are is ******* MEAN to me!
And I don't know how to trust.
So I turn into the rust you so easily brush,
Off those cold shoulders.
****, might as well move to Boulder!
WHERE my tears might just smolder, another crowd.
But it's too late, it's ALL over now.
I'm proud, because it got so loud.,
And I just didn't know how,
So sorry my God is One Love!
SORRY I only wanted to make love,
And that being with you was My enough.
Sorry I forgot I could sing,
And didn't dare open my mouth because of the opinions you'd bring - me.
Sorry to myself and my soul.
I forgot what I was doing, cold and alone.
So this is what I get
For being half upset and saying **** the rest.
But forget?!
Niggardly, ya name is basically tatted under my breast.
I don't rest.
Because you're that close to my heart.
I said no to a man who wanted me from the start.
He asked me to marry him, But I wanted you.
And when I left on the plane next month I still wanted you.
And through the lies and deceit I still want you.
But I get so **** distracted I'm just a fool, for you.
You're forever RED and I'm forever BLUE.
Tell me a ******* thing...
Put you in my shoes.

— The End —