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Francie Lynch Apr 2016
The world is losing
But no one can escape,
We're hurtling on our petrie dish
In a gel that seals our fate;
Towards black holes;
They're closer than you think.

In China
There's a wall of dust,
Seen clear from outer space;
Our living waters die
In a legacy of disgrace.
We're citizens
Wearing masks;
We should hide our faces,
But we're running daily tasks.
We're fossils burning
Fossil fuels
Found in cremation gas.

The amphibians
Are on the fringe;
Whales can't sound,
They run aground.
It's an environmental slaughter.

Our world has lost
Some gravity.
We need to plant our feet,
But  charnel fires
And greenhouse gas
Have hastened our retreat.
Migrating birds lose sense of time,
Confused by the lights.
The mourning dove coos at night,
The nightingale at dawn;
We're like
New turtles muddling,
Under lost starlight.
We must grasp
The gravity
Of burning
Burning  light.
Repost in honor of Earth Day, April 21st.
Sky Apr 2016
Close your eyes, feel the sun on your face, and breathe.
Close your eyes, feel the sun on your face,
listen to the rustle of leaves, and breathe.
Close your eyes, feel the sun on your face,
take in the scent of dew-coated grass and bright blossoms,
and breathe.
Now open your eyes,
look around;
It's a beautiful view, is it not?
The sun filtering through the leaves,
bright and green;
the blue jays swooping over your head,
streaks of blue and gray and black;
the fresh lilacs, roses, tulips, and peonies,
sweet-smelling rainbow;
Look up:
there's a real rainbow, left behind
by the clear, clean rain that just passed by.
This is a beautiful world,
keep it that way, please
Keep this world beautiful.
Amber Dec 2015
I influence
one life
only to tear the next down
I reward one part of my body
and dump my problems
on an already filled mind
I am a surgeon
who will cut anything
but itself
I am the theif that stabs
you for a penny.
I am the opposite of good intention
and the opposite of blessed harmony
I could go deeper and pollute
the enviroment
To the world I came as a gift
but to the grave I return as a burden
I never did  care, nor could
care  for anything but myself.
Even in death I spill
poison into earth
Pay dirt
All my poems explore the breaking of humanity and nature
Ottar Apr 2015
Wires criss cross,
electricity enclosed,
never touch, fencing in,
the sky, the clouds, and where birds alight and touch,
Branches interweave and lace, oxygenation exposed,
roots bury deep,
as the shallow earth is
a deep canvas,
always waiting on the painter of the Light.

From the sky to the dirt tinted ground,
winged fowl to the rodents who bound,
or scurry, as coyotes celebrate a ****, calling
the moon to break the clouds like bread,
with two unseen hands that reach down.

The oceans sounds are the cars that roll
by and the air crests and curls landing
against the beaches made of trees and
hedges, and sitting listening still is the wind
wanting a turn to play coyote and howl, showing teeth
wanting a turn to play rodent tossing bushes about,
wanting to play birds that dance and dance aloft below the clouds while diving to feed off of the heat of the Day, to rise way above to see the pastoral patchwork, Earth below.
Brittle Bird Apr 2015
Those nights it would rain
Mud and vines grew through my spine
And earth I became
Day 22 of NaPoWriMo. I felt like a nature poem was needed, in honor of Earth Day.

Of the immeasurable beauty of rain and wanting to become the earth itself. Maybe if we try harder to feel connected, one, than it won't be so hard to take care of our home.
Mike Essig Apr 2015
The Earth only gets one day?
Seems a bit odd. I mean,
where else do you plan to live?
Abigail Annette Apr 2015
they say "home is wherever I am
with you"

"home" is a building on a street that shelters you
but home is the planet we step on
our home is losing parts of itself that it will never get back
our home is sick
it's under the weather with climate change, global warming, air pollution
today, we appreciate our world
everyday, we should appreciate our world
save your home,
save our home.
I wanted to write about Earth bc I love it and want it to be happy and healthy. sorry it's sloppy!
niteLifePRO Mar 2015
I *** outside
When no one's around
I *** outside
Right there on the ground
I *** outside
Near my favorite tree
I *** outside

That is where ***
Is meant to be.

Let's not waste so much water
On something like *****
We waste way too much water
Of this I am certan
Go out to your yard
Hang a privacy curtain
If we keep wasting water

Our world
Will keep hurtin'

-Mitch Paradeis
Earth Day Poem- 2014

Every year I write a poem for Earth Day.

It was fresh, it was new;
The soil was moist and dark.
The sky was a crisp, sharp blue;
And was free with song of lark.
The grass grew tall, so high and free;
And these towering stalks were happy,
as they serenaded with the breeze.
Dandelion weeds grew in the sky and their seeds blew with desire,
It was then where there was no war, no hurt, no strife, no fire.
The birds flew free, liberated as they flew within the sky
no one questioned the caressing wind, no one ever asked why.
The sand and sea were brothers, the bark and roots were one.
All the radiance of the world was indebted to the sun.
The poppy was in abundance, growing in the fields,
There was no limit to which happiness that yields.
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