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Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
was here before us...
leave it,
Ignatius Hosiana Mar 2016
the rest of my short life will be spent
appreciating your picturesque glow
just like the moon has endured centuries
hailing the splendour of the sun
Graham Mar 2016
In the night of day
The stars sing 'hallelujah'
Something she won't forget
The taste of love in her lips
How the Night changes
She walks through the beautiful moonlight
"Live Love Laugh" The rule of life in natures way...
Three words her heart desire
Words hanging on my lips
The beautiful watch of sunrise and sunset
The universe sees it all
Nature's way of saying the "Three words
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
"Snail was right here"
**** said creating much fear
In the little dear
I love this style so much, cause I love nature and it favors the animation of nature and bring out the actual plea against It's destruction
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
Brightly basking but
Bothering big beautiful
Buzzing bumble bees
can't remember how the BBBBBB sounds are called
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
At some point wanted
To raise a white Flag 'cause
She was much haunted
Hehe, It's getting tougher, couldn't entirely rhyme it
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
The red Bird who saw
Snail by the muddy floor
flew at the ****'s crow
The **** scared the bird :))
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
Feeling **** unwell
Evicted for losing her shell
Trudged through a hell
Just started my Mrs.Snail Haiku series Fairy Tale Yesterday :))
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
Left Mucus trail
So she could be found by Love
when she moved on
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